Monday, August 1, 2011

Just As I Am Without One Plea

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Just As I am Without One Plea; seems to be the message I am receiving almost daily. I understand it to mean, take me as I am, Lord. And he does. No matter what I do, there will always be the forgiving grace of God. Again, not that one should continue to intentionally ignore the right of things, but when one strays, there is always forgiveness. But one has to “ask.”
We all sin every day, and God knows this because he sent his only son to live among us to learn how difficult our life was going to be as a result of the first sin. The big one, in the Garden of Eden, where Eve faltered and fell for Satan’s pleas to convince her that God was holding out on her and Adam. I can’t imagine what must have gone through their head that day. They had everything they could ever want and yet, they were tempted by Satan to want more. We see this every day in our life. So many around us want so much more than they have; and do not believe that they sin, and they become resentful of what others have that they don’t possess. That is sin, wanting what others have without justification or real need. Material possessions were never the thing that God gave to make us happy. We had everything we needed, we still do, but yet so many want so much more. Why? What are people not satisfied by what they have? I understand those that are going without basic needs, especially when so many have so much, but if we all learned to share more of what we have, every day, with others; there could come a time when no one would go without.
Imagine, no one going without basic needs, no one in the world; no one without water, food, shelter, clothes, warmth, good health. The resources are there and yet we may never see such a grand change in our lifetime, but imagine what it would feel like, if we knew without a shadow of a doubt that there was not a single person anywhere; going without something they absolutely need to survive? Take a moment and think that thought and experience the feeling. Amazing right? “Just as I am without one plea; but that thy blood was shed for me.” That says it all.
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