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e-Speaks || June 27, 2008
Autism Speaks Awards More than $4 Million in Treatment and Family Services Grants

Autism Speaks awarded 13 new grants in the field of treatment research, including six grants in complementary and alternative medicine. This research will help parents make informed choices for their family members at a time when treatment options for autism are far from standardized. In addition, the Board of Directors approved 21 grants for local community programs which will improve and enrich the lives of individuals with autism spectrum disorders. Read more about treatment grants here and see a complete list of grants awarded. Read summaries of funded community grants here and read a release about the program here.

Autism Speaks Names New Members to Scientific Advisory Committee

Autism Speaks has named nine new members to its Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC), a group of scientific and medical experts who will help shape Autism Speaks' strategic plan for science and research priorities. The SAC will be chaired by newly appointed member Geraldine Dawson, Ph.D., the Chief Science Officer of Autism Speaks. Read more.

CTN Announces Two New Study Sites
Autism Speaks' Clinical Trials Network announced the addition of two new centers taking part in its on-going trial, the Study of Fluoxetine in Autism (SOFIA). The study will include more than 100 children and adolescents with autism to examine the effectiveness of Neuropharm's "melt-in-the-mouth" preparation of fluoxetine in reducing certain core symptoms of autism. Read more.

AutismCares Supports Families Affected by Midwest Floods
AutismCares, a consortium of leading autism organizations, is actively seeking to assist families affected by autism who are also victims of the Midwest Floods, and invites those families to call the Autism Response Team at 1-888-Autism2 or e-mail autismcares@autismspeaks.org to receive assistance. Families may also apply for support funding directly at autismcares.org. Those looking to assist the relief efforts can donate online. Read more.

IAN Reports on Regression
The Interactive Autism Network (IAN), which collects information via the Internet from families of children with autism spectrum disorders throughout the U.S., surveyed parents on regression in their children with ASD. In this report, IAN researchers share data on what parents have reported about the frequency and nature of skill losses and skill plateaus. Read more.

Weekend Walks Raise Over $1.7 Million
Six Walk Now for Autism events took place over the past two weekends, with more than 22,450 participants raising over $1.7 million. Read more and view photos and video from the Blair County, Dallas-Fort Worth, Hawaii, New York City, Southern New Jersey, and Vermont Walks.

10th Anniversary NY Celebrity Golf Challenge Raises More than $1 Million

Autism Speaks' 10th annual New York Celebrity Golf Challenge raised more than $1 million on June 16. The event, held at the renowned Winged Foot course in Mamaroneck, New York, brought out celebrities from the worlds of sports and entertainment, including season five "American Idol" winner Taylor Hicks. Read more and view photos and video here.

Athletes Against Autism Golf Tournament Raises over $290,000

Over 30 athletes and celebrities raised more than $290,000 at this year's 3rd Annual Athletes Against Autism Golf Tournament, presented by Cadillac, at the Bacara Resort & Spa in Santa Barbara, Calif. The tournament, which was held June 22-23, included a gala and silent auction, a number of on-course contests, and a BBQ Dinner & Awards reception. Read more and view photos and video here.

Ride Now Rolls into Seattle

Last weekend nearly 60 bikers gathered in Washington for that state's first ever Autism Now ING Direct Ride Now event, which raised almost $10,000. Riders from all over the greater Seattle area carried signs and wore bandanas, pins and shirts with the Autism Speaks logo to raise awareness throughout their two hour ride. Read more and view photos and video here.

Nantucket Film Festival Features Awareness Ads

For the third year in a row, the Nantucket Film Festival featured Autism Speaks public service advertisements, produced in conjunction with the Ad Council, which were screened prior to each feature film shown at the festival. In addition, the Nantucket Film Festival and NBC Universal renamed the Screenwriter's Tribute Award in honor Suzanne and Bob Wright, co-founders of Autism Speaks. Read more.

Hit the Beach with Autism Speaks!
Back by popular demand, the Autism Speaks beach tote and towel set will get you set for beach or poolside. The spacious tote with 32" shoulder straps has a light blue and navy contemporary design. The logoed front pocket has an integrated water bottle holder for easy access and the interior features a zippered pocket to keep contents secure. The white velour terry beach towel measures 28" x 52" and sports the Autism Speaks logo.

In Their Own Words: Can You Hear Me Now?
In our latest "In Their Own Words" essay, the older brother of a child with autism writes about his experience growing up with a sibling who needed a great deal of attention, and how his experiences led him to form a sibling support group. Read


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TinyURLImage via WikipediaI put this little blue link on my blog yesterday. Funny...I have a lot of little widgets on my blogs but none does what SmartLinks does. I wrote my blog today and when I went back to my address bar the widget had turned into a little notebook with a list of places I could immediately review my blog on. I mean instantly.....It will connect you to Del.ici.ous, Tiny Url,Similar pages on goggle, similar sites on google,open my things, open options, make a widget, and the help button is right there also.
Not one of the other widgets on my blog does that. Click on the SmartLinks widget and see for yourself. If you are a blogger, or internet marketer, you'll be saving yourself so much time you might even get a day off, if you work from home in your pajamas like I do.
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Bob Proctor Countdown!

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Paper tape relay operation at FAA's Honolulu flight service station in 1964Image via WikipediaSome days I am just so mesmerized by the constantly changing technology of the internet. I think...."what would I be doing if it wasn't here.?" I'm sure there would be another way of communicating or working that I would find, but I doubt it would intrigue me as much as the internet does.
I remember my first job in high school, I worked for an auto supply store and they had one of the first computers I had ever seen. It was enormous and I would punch tape that they would load onto the massive systems. I wasn't chosen to be trained to run the computer, which was their loss because ever since I owned my first computer, I was glued to the possibilities daily. The simplicity of communication, research, school work for the kids. I did more book reports and projects for my kids homework, than I ever did in high school and college combined. It is truly fascinating, but all new technology has always been to me. When VCR's came out I was not afraid to open it up and take out the tape that was stuck in there. I was lucky enough to work for a man that charged people $50.00 to do that, but I saw him do it and it became a new talent for me. It was the same with the computer, I was never intimidated by it as a machine. I learned early on how to open it (warranties be damned) and add ram or clean out the dust. I think that we are all born with many talents and this just happens to be one for me. i can add a long list of figures but have no knack for Algebra, I can take a machine apart but I can't make money doing it. I know that my fascination with the internet is a gift and I use it every day, but it is no place, to me, that is easy to focus on. I am so distracted and intrigued by the immenseness of it. It is, and I believe, always will be the fastest, easiest way to reach the greatest number of people in the shortest amount of time. It is pure genius. Tomorrow, I will focus, today I enjoyed.
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