Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Give Gratitude with Annie's angels

Annie's Angel 2011
It is not hard, around the holidays, to remember to say thank you, but what about the rest of the year? Gratitude should be a daily practice.
According to Eckhart Tolle, "If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is "thank you," it will be enough." He is referring to thanking God, but it should encompass everyone.
I know I am repeating myself when I say, "Before your feet hit the floor in the morning and the bed at night, Thank God for all that he has given you."
Most receive so much during the holidays but in my family this year we are cutting way back. Our gift to each other will be minimal in material goods, but really big on being together as we are all living our lives in different directions right now; which is part of life. As a mother, it is difficult to accept when your children leave home and live on their own, but remembering that we have raised them to do just that; gives us something to be grateful for. We planned to raise independent children, and we have succeeded when they are prepared to leave home, either for college, or a life of their own.
This year, thank God that you have succeeded as a parent and raised independent, happy, and grateful children. Give yourself a "Pat on the back," and move forward through the holidays with great joy.

Every year I make an angel in memory of my sister, and this year the proceeds from the angels is being donated to my church's Columbia Ministry to build a Library of Christian Spanish Media.  
They will be available for sale on December 1, 2011 at Annie's Angels

The angels make great Teacher gifts, package toppers, and ornaments, and are available all year round. I will be listing last years angel soon also.

 They can be custom made by contacting me at acunniff4852@gmail.com with the subject line: ANGELS

Don't forget "Traveling Recipes" the Crawford Family Cookbook, donations to Caner, heart, and Autism Research. Click on "Pat on the back" for that link.

Happy Holidays to All~

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


As we enter into the holidays many people will suffer from a condition called SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). It is important to notice if you see the symptoms in any of your friends or family group. The "symptoms include tiredness, fatigue, depression, crying spells, irritability, trouble concentrating, body aches, loss of sex drive, poor sleep, decreased activity level, and overeating, especially with carbohydrates, with associated weight gain." (according to Medicinenet.com)
Many of these symptoms are things we see in friends and family every day, but the difference is when they are more pronounced during a particular season or time of the year. Sometimes it comes from grief without even knowing that is what is causing it. Losing a loved one around a holiday leaves a reminder of that grief and some never recognize it until it is mentioned by another or something reminds them of the person lost.

Diagnosed in my twenties with clinical depression, has made my journey a long one. I have had bouts of severe depression ranging from blue days to an anxiety disorder manifesting as Agoraphobia. (fear of open spaces) There are periods of time when I am very teary for what I think is no reason, then suddenly remember it is the anniversary of the loss of a loved one, and it is grief I am experiencing.

I still, after 28 years, always remember my 6 month old daughter lost to me on a Mother's Day weekend. Her birthday is the day before Halloween and this year I was in Florida on vacation with no reminder of that loss. I was enjoying myself more than I had in years.Upon returning, it took about a week for it to hit me. I was sitting in my Bible Class and some mention was made about how, as parents, we regret when our children have not been saved. It immediately ran through my mind that I had my baby girl (Gillian Marie) baptized twice just to be sure that if anything happened to her while she was in the hospital, I would have done the right thing. According to what was being said, I heard, "none of us know who the elect will be, only God knows." I immediately began to tear up. I was feeling inadequate as a parent. I thought for that moment, that I had any control over whether or not my child would be in the New World when it comes, and realized I don't. As it was explained further, I questioned my life, and realized I had conceived this child in sin, but was instantly reassured that children are not responsible for the sins of the parents. It wasn't enough for me at that moment. I left the class and when I got to my car I could barely see where I was driving I was crying so hard. I went immediately to the cemetery where my child was buried, and searched for her grave. For more than a minute I couldn't even find it. I was so lost and wondered why it wasn't where I remembered it to be. I sat in my car and prayed that I could remember, and in the next moment I looked up and realized that it was right where it always was, I was just looking for the wrong color of the stone. I instantly got out of the car and went over to where her ground marker lay, and realized that no one had cleared the grass away for quite awhile. I began, through these thundering tears, to rip the grass away all around the stone. I sat there and asked for her forgiveness. What that could do for me, I don't know, but it was something. I knew I had to do something to stop the tears and remember the beauty about her. Then I was relieved to "feel the presence of the Holy Spirit "(inside) assuring me she was at the right hand of God. I thanked God that she did not have to carry my burden to the grave. A few moments later the wonderful memories of her gentle sweetness filled me, and I began to stop crying and feel a sense of the world around me again. I realized for that day, and at that moment, that I had forgotten to feel the grief I normally do around that time, and that a gentle reminder of her beauty and grace was all I needed to be lifted up again.
That is just a small reminder of the type of emotion that can take over the life of one that suffers from clinical depression or SAD. It made me question my faith and my own goodness, but somehow got a gentle reminder that I was thinking irrationally, and God was righted my thinking.

There is no total recovery from clinical depression but it is a manageable disease like any other. A broken arm, leg or other body limb heals, a broken heart heals, but depression is a silent disease that can spring about at any time. A regimen of anti-depressions are usually prescribed, and in my case, a lifetime commitment. I can get through each day without the heavy burden of sadness that sometimes overwhelmed me in the past, but holidays, and reminders of loss will usually surface, but not quite as prominent as this last one.
If you know a friend or relative who suffers from SAD who may not know that they suffer from it, it is wise to make a "gentle" reference to it; but let them figure it out on their own. Telling someone, who "you think" may suffer from depression and has not been diagnosed, what your thought about it are, will not necessarily move them in the right direction. So be careful not to judge or make assumptions about their state of mind. We are all different and we cannot possibly know what is in the mind or the heart of another unless we are being told by him or her. It is a difficult place to be if you have never, yourself, suffered from this debilitating disease, to stand by and watch a loved one go through it; but recovery is a choice that only they can make, and nagging or self righteousness will not get them to recovery any faster than they can themselves. Pray for them that God will open their heart and they will be directed in the right place to receive the treatment they need, and remember to applaud their choice when they choose recovery, because it is a difficult choice to make, especially if it has gone on too long. So be wise, and leave only a gentle message for them, as a push or a shove may just make them tumble.
I hope this helps just one person this year recognize, get diagnosed, and treated for any form of depression.  The list is long and they come in all colors and sizes.
Have Wondrous and Happy Holidays All

Monday, November 28, 2011

God, help me~


Elyse's perfect meal
As she was getting ready to prepare her first turkey, my daughter called and asked, “How do people learn this” and I answered, “they learn it from their mother, as I’m telling you now, how to do it.”
She cooked two beautiful meals that Thanksgiving, and ended up saying, “I can’t believe it was so easy.”
We all learn from our parents how to live the life God has given us, but we are not always open to hearing what they have to say because, as young people who have been taught how to be independent by our parents, either by the right way or the wrong way; we think we know everything. Then to our utter amazement, we find we are not prepared to live the life that has been given us, and must learn to live it on our own. We take the good things our parents gave us and build on them, and we take the bad things and change them. The teaching still came from our parents, but we learned to adapt it to our lives through the spirit within; our innate spirit, that which, when we are most needy; comes to us. If I were to say that to my daughter and one of my sons they would reject it all because she does not believe in God, and he does not believe in Jesus; so I must live everyday knowing that, and not wanting to alienate them, I enable their disbelief, and yet it was through my own failure that they got there.
What does a parent do when they are faced with their own mistakes? We must first take responsibility for our mistakes, realize we are human, and that God sent his only son to save us from our sin, and move on, showing our children, by example, how to live a Godly life. It’s a shame for those of us that failed to give that to our children growing up, but the only thing we can do, at this point, is to remember that there is still time. There won’t always be time “enough to teach them,” so every moment does become precious, and we must use every moment we can  to tell them that we failed, ask them to forgive us, and hope that they will listen to us now and allow their heart to change and listen to the spirit within.
I prided myself on raising independent, good-hearted children, and teaching things right the first time around so I didn’t have to re-teach them later, but I failed with the most important lessons. I worried that talking baby talk to them, would stifle their growth and I would just have to re-teach them, or teaching them right from wrong would be enough and yet here I am trying to think of a way to re-teach them to live good lives. My mistakes show, because they already believe they are living good lives, but how can I believe I succeeded when I do not see them being grateful for all that they have, being grateful for God creating everything that they have or will ever need?  I pray for God to change their hearts where I have failed, and then must live my life believing that they will find it on their own.
That is not right either, so somehow I must find the courage to share with them my deepest desire, and pray that they do not reject me as they do others that try to bring them to a changed heart. Sometimes sadness overwhelms me because of this failure, and I hear the people around me telling me that all I can do is show them by example and pray for them to come to God. That is what faith does for us, we are supposed to turn it over to God and pray that he will change their heart. I think that means that my faith is not strong enough because I cannot let it go at that, I still believe it is my responsibility to teach them. I think that God expects us to do our job and that is to raise God-like children. Yet I find it so hard for me to be so Godly, how can I expect my children who were never given the right tools; to find these answers on their own?
This is what brings me to wanting to run away. Wanting to let it go and let God, but then I see that it makes me appear unworthy, yet intellectually, I know that I am worthy. I try to think of ways to have what I want in my life, and let my children find theirs, but then I fall away from my responsibility to teach them. I am afraid of alienating them, of having them want to avoid me, as many do when they hear Christians talk about God and what he gives us. This is where the overwhelm sets in.  The woe is me….
My daughter, struggling to get what she wants in her own relationship, tells me she wishes I could be more supportive of her. It is my strongest desire to be just that, but how can you support something you know is wrong. Well, not wrong but ungrateful. Instead of being grateful that she has met, and fallen in love with a good man, she complains that she is not his first thought every day. That he should know, by some magical power, how to please her. Both of them come from dysfunctional families and have never learned how to communicate effectively what they really want, so it becomes nagging or self righteousness. Of course, pointing that out becomes criticism and lack of support. “Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when we practice to deceive,” so instead of telling her what she can and cannot expect from this man, makes me appear unsupportive. Of course, what she wants to hear, is me telling her that she is right and he is being insensitive to her needs when she hasn’t even told him what they are. I fear that there is something greater hurting her that she does not recognize and I begin to feel the guilt of my failure as a parent. When I talk to my pastor about it he tells me that all I can do is pray and remember that God has already forgiven me and none of us really know who will be the elect when the world becomes new again. And the vicious cycle begins again, and my failure stands out even more.
I hear people telling me that I have been a good parent, and that I should just accept my children as they are, which I do, by loving them unconditionally; but I still don’t feel that it is enough. Yesterday I was subjected to hearing my future daughter-in-law prosthesis what she would do for my alcoholic son if she didn’t have a job. She said she would take him to her house and nurse him through his alcoholism. The only thing I could hear from that was that I had not done enough for my son, I had not intervened enough to help him to desire sobriety. What else could I have heard? She has a job; I don’t, so that makes it my responsibility to get him sober? It is not my responsibility and it never will be, it is his, but I will never shun or reject him, and will be extremely defensive of those that do because I love him unconditionally, as I should, and as I do with all of my children. Yet, I had to hear my oldest son, an alcoholic himself, tell me that I was invited to a Thanksgiving dinner at her parent’s home, but he didn’t feel he could trust Chris (my youngest) to go there. Why, because it would embarrass him, or bring his own addiction to light? My own son, rejecting one of his own siblings broke my heart. Any hope of ever being accepted into this girl’s family was lost to me at that moment. Yet, what do I do? Alienate this son by telling him how I feel about these things?
Every day we have challenges to face in life. God doesn’t make them but loves to watch us overcome them. When our children do not recognize or believe this, it becomes almost impossible to communicate with them without alienation or confrontation; neither of which I wish to engage. So what do I do? I sit here typing this out in the hope that by seeing it at whatever point in their life, they will begin to understand that things are not always as they see them. That yes, I may have made mistakes, but they will also when they raise their own children. No parent can give their children everything they need to get through life successfully because for one thing, success is a thought, and we don’t all share the same definition of that thought or any other thought; so judgment of a thought of another, is not right or real. Success is a thought that is formed in the mind of each of us, based on our perceived definition, and we cannot perceive of it through the mind of another; because we do not come to it from their experiences, we come to it through our own, and anything said about the perception of another, is judgment and judgment does not belong in a Christian mind. Only God judges, we do not.
So instead of looking forward to the joy of a beautiful Christmas it becomes a dreaded thought for me today, because I am expecting things to go awry before it even gets here; based on these few examples. The question now is, how do I change my thoughts about this to bring about the Christmas I want to experience with my children? I think only God knows and maybe somehow he’ll send me a sign or point me in the right direction. So that is my prayer today, “Please precious God; bring me to a right mind about these things, so I may expect a joyous experience with my children on Christmas, the birth of Jesus.”

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sympathy for Delicious

Mark and Scott Ruffalo
I just watched a movie on Showtime, it was called "Sympathy for Delicious." Mark Ruffalo was in it and he dedicated it to his brother Scott Ruffalo. I was wondering as I watched it why it was necessary for people to use such vulgar language to deliver such a great message. Not one to believe in coincidences, I wasn't satisfied until I found an answer to my question. Pondering for an answer I picked up my copy of "Today," a booklet that is handed out at my church once a month, which I read everyday. Two pages were stuck together as I searched for what I thought was today's date. I began to read "I have become all things to all people so that... I might save some...for the sake of the gospel"...1 Corinthians 9:22-23. Further into the paragraphs that followed the bible verse I read. "The good news of Jesus is unchanging. But the way we share and express that message through our lives, music, art, and worship must change and be adapted to the persons and people groups where God places us. Our commitment, like that of Paul, is to make the great truth of the one gospel understandable in every cultural context." Like I said, I don't believe in coincidences, but I do believe that the Holy Spirit awakened in me the means to find the answer to my question. I am not suggesting that all things vulgar are written, made, or said to bring everyone in their own way to the Holy Spirit, but I do believe that something in me, today, brought me to the wrong day's message, and not by mistake.
I also believe that the message I answered that brought me to the Empower Network, was sent to me for a purpose. I have been network marketing for a long time, as I am unable to work outside of my home; and have been searching for the right opportunity. I am believing that this is it. In 2 1/2 weeks this company has paid out over $850,000 in commissions, and expect to pay out over $1,000,000 by the end of this week. So now is the time to get in. This is what you can still call a ground floor opportunity. go HERE AND JOIN THE WEBINAR NOW. 9:00 P.M. EST.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Chances Are~

This is what it looks like.
Chances are that 99.9% of people on line will not see this post, but if you are one of the 1/10 that do, decide to take a risk and get everything you ever wanted by doing 3 things. Blog everyday, read something from someone successful everyday, and attend all Empower Network Webinar. Not hard, right?
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Persistence is what makes most of us fail, we are not persistent. Doing the same things everyday if the only way to succeed, and they don't have to be things you hate. They can be fun and exciting...your own creation. So create, share, read, blog, have fun and make money. Now how hard is that?
God Bless~

Thursday, November 17, 2011

For All~

Sophias Rose
We need to create an environment that helps all mankind live equally, none better than others.
Right, I know…never happen. But what if it could? All children would be well clothed, warm, not hungry, have a roof over their head, go to school, learn about God, teach and help others by paying it forward. I know I’m not the first to come up with this concept, but really, why is it taking this world, this long, to make a change as important as this? Is it greed on the part of the rich, fear on the part of the poor to ask for what they need? Misconception, misdirection, evil doers,self-centered, selfish people? Why is the concept so far from our reach? This is a world that predominantly believes in a higher power, yet are afraid to admit, share, and serve a God. Of course, Christians only believe there is one God, and we do not judge others that believe differently; but we do pray for them. With all the prayer we do, what is stopping God from answering this prayer? Faith, hope, and charity have existed since before Christ, yet all do not apply those attributes to their life. It makes me wonder about justice, and freedom, and why with all the freedom we have, we do not live better, and happier lives. Lack of gratitude is my answer. Before one’s foot hits the floor in the morning and enters bed at night, we should express gratitude for all that we have, and share what we have with others.
I have no guarantees but I believe that if we share everything we can with others, eventually it will become big enough for all to share; so that none go without.
Right now I want to share this chance for all to work together toward a more selfless goal, by offering income to all that apply and use this to change not just their life but the lives of millions of others. So far so many have reached their goals and are spreading it through others. I know it’s a cliche, but better days are coming. Prepare for yours here and share it with others to spread it out, and when we all reach our goals we will have so much more to share.
God bless,

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Aim

"The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the
product or service fits him and sells itself."
— Peter F. Drucker: was an influential writer and management consultant

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Everyday Holds A Possiblity of a Miracle

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"If You Don 't Like Your Outcomes, Change Your Responses"

Sonoma Sunshine by Ofts.com
"If You Don 't Like Your Outcomes, Change Your Responses" Jack Canfield.
We have all (generally) used our past experiences as excuses for our lack of success, but the simplest way to succeed is to change the response. Why make excuses when you can make changes? Jack Canfield refers to E + O = R.
Event + Response = Outcome, in his book "The Success Principles." Think about those that have succeeded, and you will find that they all have one thing in common. They moved forward despite all the obstacles that were put in front of them. I think that pretty much everyone knows Oprah Winfrey's story of abuse in her childhood. She didn't sit back and let that be an excuse to fail, she used it as a tool to succeed.
It took me many, many years to realize that my parents were not responsible for the life I have made for myself. I realized it when  I had children of my own. I saw my own experiences while raising my children and made sure that I did not do the bad things that my parents subjected me to. That doesn't mean that my children are all wonderfully successful, as a matter of fact they all have issues because I carried past experiences with me for so long that they were affected by it. They never had a realistic idea of what a good relationship was because they weren't raised in one. Twice divorced, I raised them predominately as a single parent, so there was no role model for them for the perfect relationship. So they now have to learn how to have a good relationship on their own. Am I beating myself up over that? No... because I know that my parents did the best they could and so did I. I could not have done things differently unless I came to this conclusion in my 20's and that didn't happen.
This is true about all experiences in life. If we let our past determine who we are or who we become, inevitably we will not be happy, unless we had one of those lives where nothing terrible ever happened. I didn't have that life, I had the one where bad things happened, and I thank God everyday for those experiences because those became the teaching moments in my life. For every obstacle I overcame, I became closer to the idea that the past does not define me, I do, and I do it by the examples that I set for those around me now, today.
What if there was only today? Would you take a chance and let go of all the things that are making you unhappy? Would you dare to open your mind, not knowing what would come out or what might go in. Most people find it hard to open their mind...I leave mine open all the time, because at anytime the answer to everything I ever wanted to know might come in. And so it has...I have chosen to determine the outcome of my life based on the experiences of each day and each day I do something that gets me closer to where I have always wanted to be. Empower Network is my Saving Grace today. Two guys that have structured a company where everyone has the possibility of finally being paid immediately, 100% commission.
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Have a Blessed Day
Image from Ofts.com

Friday, November 11, 2011

"It's Time to Start Living Life the You've Imagined"

"It's Time to Start Living Life the You've Imagined" Henry James. Are there times when you wonder, Why isn't all of this working faster? Why haven't I already achieved my goal? Why aren't I rich already? Why don't I have the man woman of my dreams by now? When am I going to achieve my ideal weight?Jack Canfield.
Everything in life takes perseverance, including faith. We have to work at everything, but we must first rid ourselves of the old, tired scenarios that continue to play out in our life over and over. We have to stop blaming others for our lack of success and take responsibility for ourselves. Just like in sports and learning a musical instrument, it takes practice, and it's natural to stay in the same place for while. Remember to hang in there, it will come. Even our prayers are not answered in our time, they are answered in God's time. So give yourself a break by not beating yourself up every time another day goes by and success has not surfaced in your life. Quitting is not an option, and to achieve success we have to take risks and learn something from our mistakes. I always think " Failure is just another door to success." Practice the principles of the successful and you will find the trials and tribulations they experienced before their time came. They made many mistakes along the way, and that is how it should be. We need to learn from those mistakes and take responsibility for the things we haven't done that keeps us from success.
David Sharpe and David Wood have worked those things out for us. If you take the time to listen and take a small leap of faith, success will come. Try it today:


Believe Nothing~

Buddha says, Believe nothing. No matter where you read it, or who said it, even if I said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.” Everyone learns differently, and David Sharpe and David Wood have taken that into consideration with the system they have created in the Empower Network.
Learn something new each day, read something someone successful has written and take what is “you” out of it and use it to create the life you have always dreamed of having. Mine consists of many hurdles that include the loss of a child, the suicide of my father, the long drawn out cancer that my mother suffered as I cared for her through it, and then the sudden death of my sister and a year later the loss of two family members in the same week. Many of those things have happened to others, but because they happened to me, God found a way to bring me out of the darkness into the light by somehow leading me to find my mother’s long lost Bible. So many negative things had consumed me that I found myself unable to leave my home for any length of time without having a panic attack. The clinical term is “Agoraphobia.” (Fear of open spaces.)It was finding that Bible one day, just sitting there on my entertainment center that began to break the wall that was holding me hostage in my home.
All the time that was then available to me, I made good use of. I am 10 credits short of my Bachelors Degree in Business Management and long after I was told that I was not college material by the high school I attended in the small town I lived in 45 years ago.
Through all of that, I took a small piece of everything I learned by reading what others had done to find success in their lives, and I attribute a lot of my accomplishments to Eckhart Tolle, who taught me “It’s not my business what others think of me,” and also how to clear my mind by running a simple thought through my head. “I wonder what my next thought will be?” That phrase has taken me from a near panic attack to peace and comfort in a matter of seconds. If you find that you have a lot of negative self talk in your mind, clear it with that sentence. It gives you a moment to clear your mind and re-focus.
All of these things are important to me, but you may need something else to inspire you. Whatever it is, begin today and find something that sends chills up your spine when you feel as though it was written for you, and don’t stop until you have accomplished everything you have ever dreamed of. “With God, all things are possible. Matt: 19:26.
David Shape and David Wood have made it easier for people to find the success in their lives that they have only dreamed about. Take your fist steps today and read something by someone who has achieved success. My book of choice right now is “The Success Principles: How to Get from Where you Are to Where You Want to Be,” by Jack Canfield co-creator of “Chicken Soup for the Soul,” series. In the meantime let us help you on your way to financial relief in a world that is in financial turmoil. Create your success today and begin here:
This is where thousands of people’s lives have already changed, will it be your chance to ind success? You won’t know unless you try.
Have a wonderful day, enjoy the sun if it is shining; and if it is not, make your own, because you can. Mine might be ice skating, which is what I remember made me the happiest in my how life>We’ll see~

Thursday, November 10, 2011


God hasn't "spoken" to man since the Old Testament, but we still get messages from him. You know the innate ones that come from within. My church seems to be in dire need of funds and we believe the funds come from our parishioners, so we don't do anything in the church to actually raise funds except to witness to others, in the hope that they will join us and their contributions will help us meet our financial goals. We always meet them; some divine intervention always comes our way. However, I am a hands on kind of person and feel more obligation to help than others, not that I am right or they are wrong, it is just who I am.
I have been praying recently about ways to help and I know that for me to help I would have to create a business and donate a good portion of my profit to my church. That is the only way I know of to help them. So I am on that journey now with some very strong minded and excited people that I pray are going to help me reach my goal. It is an opportunity I hope others will join me in and by doing so, will inevitably be helping my church. Having been on the internet for many years and being taken advantage of by the mesmerizing effect of some of these people, I have never managed to accomplish what they say I will. Today is different. I was able to complete all of the tasks that in the past, were never revealed to me, and am confident that this is going to be a really good experience for all involved; so I am sharing it with others. I can't offer guarantees and they are not offering any either, but once the system is set in place it is only necessary to blog once a day, and read what others that have TRULY succeeded have to say; and use that information educationally by sharing it with others through blogging. Simple enough, right? They also suggest attending all of the conferences, which means that people will actually make the kind of money where they can afford such a luxury. They suggest re-investing 20% of the profit back into the business for advertising and marketing, and that makes perfect sense to me.Here's the rub...I have put all my faith in this business, and have found that the prayers that I have prayed are actually coming about. I prayed that it was not a scam, of course. I prayed that I would be able to do as they ask, and I have. And now I pray that by sharing this with others, all of our goals will be met.
So, I ask you, to check it out and tell me what you think. Try what they are asking and let me know your results. Pray with me that this is the act that will bring all of us flush with our financial lives, my church will get their needs met once again, and I will finally be able to open my "day program" for disabled adults, because when I needed one, none were available. I'm asking for honest answers. REALLY, tell me what you think. If you think as I do, that these people have given us all the answers, then we can finally believe that the fastest way to reach the greatest number of people is through the internet, and that Steve Jobs made a contribution to the world that we can all learn and benefit from. I consider him a worthy Christian, because even during his last days he was creating products that made lives easier. What he did for Autistic children is amazing. He gave them a voice through the iPad. Think how you would feel about yourself if that was you, and you contributed something so amazing to the world. I wonder about that all the time, in a humble way I think, "I wonder if I have touched a life in a way that makes a difference." Some will never know until the end and even then it may not be revealed, but we have to try. We have to try or what would be the purpose of life, if we didn't?
Anyway, this is my way of contributing and I hope that it is earnest and sincere and helps all of us get what we want and need for the good of others and ourselves.
Check out this link and let me know what you think:
http://www.empowernetwork.com/ almostasecret.php?id=annmarie

Look at that God gave me the ability to rhyme....