Thursday, November 10, 2011


God hasn't "spoken" to man since the Old Testament, but we still get messages from him. You know the innate ones that come from within. My church seems to be in dire need of funds and we believe the funds come from our parishioners, so we don't do anything in the church to actually raise funds except to witness to others, in the hope that they will join us and their contributions will help us meet our financial goals. We always meet them; some divine intervention always comes our way. However, I am a hands on kind of person and feel more obligation to help than others, not that I am right or they are wrong, it is just who I am.
I have been praying recently about ways to help and I know that for me to help I would have to create a business and donate a good portion of my profit to my church. That is the only way I know of to help them. So I am on that journey now with some very strong minded and excited people that I pray are going to help me reach my goal. It is an opportunity I hope others will join me in and by doing so, will inevitably be helping my church. Having been on the internet for many years and being taken advantage of by the mesmerizing effect of some of these people, I have never managed to accomplish what they say I will. Today is different. I was able to complete all of the tasks that in the past, were never revealed to me, and am confident that this is going to be a really good experience for all involved; so I am sharing it with others. I can't offer guarantees and they are not offering any either, but once the system is set in place it is only necessary to blog once a day, and read what others that have TRULY succeeded have to say; and use that information educationally by sharing it with others through blogging. Simple enough, right? They also suggest attending all of the conferences, which means that people will actually make the kind of money where they can afford such a luxury. They suggest re-investing 20% of the profit back into the business for advertising and marketing, and that makes perfect sense to me.Here's the rub...I have put all my faith in this business, and have found that the prayers that I have prayed are actually coming about. I prayed that it was not a scam, of course. I prayed that I would be able to do as they ask, and I have. And now I pray that by sharing this with others, all of our goals will be met.
So, I ask you, to check it out and tell me what you think. Try what they are asking and let me know your results. Pray with me that this is the act that will bring all of us flush with our financial lives, my church will get their needs met once again, and I will finally be able to open my "day program" for disabled adults, because when I needed one, none were available. I'm asking for honest answers. REALLY, tell me what you think. If you think as I do, that these people have given us all the answers, then we can finally believe that the fastest way to reach the greatest number of people is through the internet, and that Steve Jobs made a contribution to the world that we can all learn and benefit from. I consider him a worthy Christian, because even during his last days he was creating products that made lives easier. What he did for Autistic children is amazing. He gave them a voice through the iPad. Think how you would feel about yourself if that was you, and you contributed something so amazing to the world. I wonder about that all the time, in a humble way I think, "I wonder if I have touched a life in a way that makes a difference." Some will never know until the end and even then it may not be revealed, but we have to try. We have to try or what would be the purpose of life, if we didn't?
Anyway, this is my way of contributing and I hope that it is earnest and sincere and helps all of us get what we want and need for the good of others and ourselves.
Check out this link and let me know what you think:
http://www.empowernetwork.com/ almostasecret.php?id=annmarie

Look at that God gave me the ability to rhyme....

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