Friday, November 11, 2011

"It's Time to Start Living Life the You've Imagined"

"It's Time to Start Living Life the You've Imagined" Henry James. Are there times when you wonder, Why isn't all of this working faster? Why haven't I already achieved my goal? Why aren't I rich already? Why don't I have the man woman of my dreams by now? When am I going to achieve my ideal weight?Jack Canfield.
Everything in life takes perseverance, including faith. We have to work at everything, but we must first rid ourselves of the old, tired scenarios that continue to play out in our life over and over. We have to stop blaming others for our lack of success and take responsibility for ourselves. Just like in sports and learning a musical instrument, it takes practice, and it's natural to stay in the same place for while. Remember to hang in there, it will come. Even our prayers are not answered in our time, they are answered in God's time. So give yourself a break by not beating yourself up every time another day goes by and success has not surfaced in your life. Quitting is not an option, and to achieve success we have to take risks and learn something from our mistakes. I always think " Failure is just another door to success." Practice the principles of the successful and you will find the trials and tribulations they experienced before their time came. They made many mistakes along the way, and that is how it should be. We need to learn from those mistakes and take responsibility for the things we haven't done that keeps us from success.
David Sharpe and David Wood have worked those things out for us. If you take the time to listen and take a small leap of faith, success will come. Try it today:


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