Thursday, November 17, 2011

For All~

Sophias Rose
We need to create an environment that helps all mankind live equally, none better than others.
Right, I know…never happen. But what if it could? All children would be well clothed, warm, not hungry, have a roof over their head, go to school, learn about God, teach and help others by paying it forward. I know I’m not the first to come up with this concept, but really, why is it taking this world, this long, to make a change as important as this? Is it greed on the part of the rich, fear on the part of the poor to ask for what they need? Misconception, misdirection, evil doers,self-centered, selfish people? Why is the concept so far from our reach? This is a world that predominantly believes in a higher power, yet are afraid to admit, share, and serve a God. Of course, Christians only believe there is one God, and we do not judge others that believe differently; but we do pray for them. With all the prayer we do, what is stopping God from answering this prayer? Faith, hope, and charity have existed since before Christ, yet all do not apply those attributes to their life. It makes me wonder about justice, and freedom, and why with all the freedom we have, we do not live better, and happier lives. Lack of gratitude is my answer. Before one’s foot hits the floor in the morning and enters bed at night, we should express gratitude for all that we have, and share what we have with others.
I have no guarantees but I believe that if we share everything we can with others, eventually it will become big enough for all to share; so that none go without.
Right now I want to share this chance for all to work together toward a more selfless goal, by offering income to all that apply and use this to change not just their life but the lives of millions of others. So far so many have reached their goals and are spreading it through others. I know it’s a cliche, but better days are coming. Prepare for yours here and share it with others to spread it out, and when we all reach our goals we will have so much more to share.
God bless,

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