Saturday, May 31, 2008


Mona Lisa SmileImage via WikipediaI was lazing around today,recovering from what I hope was, a mild flu, when "Mona Lisa Smiles" came on (with Julia Roberts) and I heard this: "don't air your dirty laundry in public." Well, PTSD welcome home. It's amazing to me that simple things I hear externally, can impact me so deeply. Although I have dissected the experiences, the scars, somehow, still remain. The blessing in the experience, because there always is one, is that now...when I hear something like that, and it triggers an emotion; I have developed the skills to leave it external. And that is the real trigger, the new external experience ops the past. I no longer have to take things apart and dissect them, because I have stopped stuffing them down. I listen "within" and that now keeps the wolves at bay.

What an amazing perception that is for me. To see the past as exactly that....THE PAST.... and nothing more. I would never have gotten here without the tools I have experienced in the past 14 months. "The Secret, The Law of Attraction, Powerful
Intentions,"A New Earth" Awakening to your Life's Purpose," "Think and Grow Rich" and numerous other wonderful resources that we forget even exist when we are "without."


Wednesday, May 28, 2008


The Seagull at SunsetImage from FlickrI just saw this You Tube video with Wayne Dyer and it reminded me of a blog I wrote awhile back. In this video he talks about the light inside and the light outside. All we have to do is "acknowledge" that it is outside and once you recognize it....it is gone. Look "within" for the answers. Check out Wayne Dyer on You Tube.

Friday, May 23, 2008


Forget What's BehindImage by D LeRoy via Flickr“The body knows a language the mind never wholly masters.”
Brenda Miller

Brenda Miller is a Professional Coach and a Spiritual Teacher. I received this quote in my email this morning from Oprah’s Mission Statement Newsletter.
To experience Radical Forgiveness is to open yourself to a new way of looking at your world.
To experience Radical Forgiveness is to heal your life!
Radical Forgiveness Coaching assists you to achieve inner peace by helping you to release all those old victim stories and self-destructive patterns that have kept you out of joy, stolen your life, and blocked your abundance. And it's done in a way that is safe, quick, and therapeutically non-invasive.

When I read that quote it brought back the messages I have been hearing about forgiveness lately. I wrote a few posts on my blog about it awhile back and it still resonates around me. Believing that I had forgiven many people and myself for things that I carried with me for years, I find that there are more. When you wake up as I do everyday, beginning with gratitude and right on to the motivational speech I give myself each morning, and you believe that you have forgiven all….there it is… clearly resonating in a pain somewhere in the body, sometimes the head, the back, a shoulder, and often the neck. All these places that I had always believed were signs of stress, I realize now that they are actually more leftover emotional baggage that I am still carrying. Hoping each time that you make a discovery about yourself, that it is the last one, is truly a futile practice. So I turned it around today…now they are blessings. When I looked back and realized in the past week or so, that I recognized mistakes that way, and how easily it translates for forgiveness…it was clear. I’m not sure that is the point that Brenda Miller was trying to make with her quote…that is what I perceived from it, and I am grateful to her for that….“It is always a blessing to find the purpose of pain.”

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Thursday, May 22, 2008




The Millionaire Mindset: How to Tap Real Wealth From Within
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From Hypnotique Marketing.

97 Million Vote for American Idol

Photograph of American Idol video games for the PlayStation 2.Image via Wikipedia
"We don't see things as they are;
we see things as we are."

Anais Nin

It is the simplest collection of words, put together, from “within” and yet it is a true statement. We only perceive what is around us. No one can prove to us whether or not it is there. It is our perception…and an individual’s perception of reality is just that…”an individuals perception.” They can never be the same, your perception or mine. They both come from different places. Every once in awhile though, it appears that they come from the same place. That is how people are able to form relationships…built on love and trust. It is through belief of their perception that binds them. It is that moment when…words are exchanged…a look passes from one to the other….a smile forms and love begins. From within.

It is through our own perception that we make decisions that others disagree with or misunderstand and react to. What if it was possible to speak and just receive…”I see”?
It actually is but most people are not willing to take the time to make a decision to be like that. Or they do not believe that anything will change if they do that. Or they think that they are always right. I find the latter to be the most common. Most of “us” (I do have to include myself) believe we are right over others on most occasions, it is only through a long standing pact with themselves that they commit to make the change necessary to not always try to be right. None of it has to do with education or experience, it has to do with perception. I will always see things differently. Even when you choose to commit to the action (or non reaction) you still realize how often or how hard it was and is. When you release the idea that “you must always be right”, you release the reaction, thus peace.

Imagine this on a Global Level. I know for a fact that it is being adapted from a lot of sources, Oprah, Tolle, Wayne Dyer and numerous others, but why is it still so hard for so many to not want to have peace? This is staggering to me....97 million people during the course of the last showing of “American Idol” took the time to make a call and vote for the person they chose as the next “American Idol.” American Idol…what in the name of the Universe does it have to do with anything? One more way to make one more person rich and famous? Why is rich and famous more important than peace, poverty or homelessness? 97 million people and I hope this reaches just 1 million of them in some shape or form because the enormity of that is staggering.

I will say this again, what did Wayne Dyer quote the dalai lama saying “ if every child in the world, from the age of 5 years and up, was taught to meditate JUST 1 HOUR PER WEEK, on just compassion....in one generation, we could end all violence and the prospect of war forever on our planet....Just 1 hour per week....just on compassion. How many of the 97 million people (who called to vote for the next American Idol) do you think would even consider that possibility? 97 million people took the time to make a phone call to vote for The Next American Idol, and yet we still have war ANYWHERE IN OUR WORLD. We still have people sleeping on park benches and doorways. Children going to bed every night without food or shelter. Unbelievable to me.
If you have an opinion about this, please comment on my blog today and if you agree or disagree would you make a commitment to yourself to tell at least one other person about this post. Just 1 other person, and ask them to come and make a comment and have them tell another person. I expect there are 97 million people in the world that have the time. And when they do we will have enough power to change the world....POWER TO CHANGE THE WORLD...IMAGINE...THAT YOUR VOTE REALLY WOULD COUNT AND COMMENT ON THIS POST. Let's see if we can begin one small step in that direction.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Make A Child Smile OrganizationImage via WikipediaHow do you close the door to fear? Fear is usually the single thing that keeps one from achieving their intended goals or of being successful. Failure is the only door into success and fear is the element that stops any activity whatsoever toward the failure. I know considering failure as success is an unfamiliar concept, but it is the only way. If you never fail then you cannot possible succeed. You must fail at some things in life, to learn the lessons that we were intended to learn, in our time on this planet. My Higher Power of choice is God. So I will refer to him through this post. God intended us to make mistakes and learn from them.

When a child is put on this earth, he/she arrives without sin. If we never did anything except keep he/she safe, then who would that child become? What would that child learn? The child would be his or her own self. Right himself/herself. It is only after being subjected to the views and choices of the parent that the child becomes the combination of both or the culmination of one. Whatever environmental elements affect the child will be part of the process, but the child will choose. Again, an overwhelming concept, I know. But, if we never influenced the child, wouldn’t he/she just follow by example? Yes, so to raise our children, the one crucially important factor is to teach them by example. So be an example of a child you would want to live in the world. Does this sound like something you’ve heard before? Of course it is, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you?” Hello…why are we not using that same philosophy to raise our children. And I do not mean by cramming bible verses down their throat. I mean by being the person that you want your child to be. There is no “what’s good for the goose” allowance here.

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Monday, May 19, 2008


Image via WikipediaOver the weekend my friend James and I were discussing failure and how we know we are better people as a result of our failures. We talked about how we know that God wants us to fail, so we can learn from our mistakes, and how he carries us through the hard times. (Footprints). His father taught him that, I learned from my own mistakes that mistakes are good lessons. My father's lesson to me came in the form of abuse but also in these words. "Be a leader...Not a follower", he also said "It's all in your head." He was absolutely right on both counts.
I was reminded of this conversation with my friend James by an email I got this morning from Dean Hunt, on his blog he discusses "Failing Upward" He has a video on there that makes it all so clear. So stop by Dean's blog today and pick up some info on how to fail...but check out all the ways to succeed also. He has a wealth of successful resources.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


View of Wall Street, Manhattan.Image via WikipediaJ B NEW BEGINNING AND OUR GRATITUDE
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Thursday, May 15, 2008


Logo of the United States Senate, used on the senate.gov website since January 2006 and also in some online publications prior to that.Image via WikipediaThings are never what you think they will be! I have been anticipating this oral surgery and "worrying" about how bad it would be. Funny thing is, it's done, and it was nothing even close to where I let my mind go before the procedure. The only think I know to be true, is the image I had in my mind, about how I would feel about how I looked. That much is true.

Think back to the last person you saw that had no teeth...yeah, nice thought huh? Well, welcome to my world. I had to have my top teeth removed today and because I live in Massachusetts, I will have to go without my teeth until Mass Health says I can have them. No person should ever have to go without their teeth. Immediate dentures should be a priority for those of us in Massachusetts, and in any state that disallows them as "immediate." My issue now is...when.

Every Senator and Representative in Massachusetts should have to go through this, and I guarantee that if they did....no one would ever go without "immediate dentures" again. It is not degrading enough to be on disability, subjected to the rules of the state but then to humiliate one even more, they disallow "immediate dentures." If you are in a position to aid in making this change, please step up and look at the people that are being subjected to this arrangement.

Monday, May 12, 2008


ButtercupImage by .koltregaskes via FlickrWhat an interesting day. I spent some of it creating a blog for my friend James, which he was extremely grateful for. Shortly after that was done, he began to experience the miracle of my computer. We had an amazing laugh about the experience but just 5 minutes ago I went back into my blogger dashboard and realized that all of my blogs are now in James' name. It is too late to call him but I know he will get a great laugh out of that. But, as you read my posts, know, I am not James...I am rosee285, as I have always been. AnnMarie.

It's funny, but I know that there is purpose in this experience. James and I so enjoyed doing this together today, but neither of us expected this new occurrence. I have no problem sharing my work with James, because I know that only good will go his way because it is my experience to receive good things and now he gets to enjoy that also.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Easter Procession in the Region of Kursk. Oil on canvas. 175 × 280 cm. The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow.Image via WikipediaThe best day of the year for a woman is today, MOTHER'S DAY! It is the one time, despite other family connections, (like in-laws) you can depend on your own children to hold you in the highest esteem. I could not have asked for a better day! I am so in love with my children, my life, and the attraction of my family and my children to my life. This is the ultimate high!

We (my children and I) were sitting at dinner and discussing exactly this...what it is like to be high on different drugs. One of my children was surprised to hear that one of him/her siblings, had tried a drug, that never occurred to him/her would be tried by him/her. He/She was shocked, but we were all shocked, by the comparison that I threw out to them, about how I feel when I meditate. Needless, to say, they do not believe me...They sincerely do not believe that you (in general)one can meditate and reach a natural high through the process of meditation. Isn't it amazing that there is ANYTHING in the world that compares to a major drug high? Who knew? Anyway, I had my first alcoholic drink since Easter and thought, "what is the actual purpose of this?") I know that is not news to everyone, but if you know me...that is a major element in my life ( if you knew me personally). My daughter's boyfriend brought up a new method of getting high that teens and even adults are trying and it was so disgusting that we all did that same thing....eeewwww...What a blessing it was to me to tell them, that even an acid high, was no different than a meditation state. Right, a self induced state of mind that has no residual affect, but is actually, more effective than actual drugs...Where does that leave one?

Just take 5 minutes,to stop and think about only that...Really, imagine...the same affect with no NEGATIVE RESIDUAL AFFECT....That, to me is, LIFE ALTERING information...really, 5 minutes... and think about that...AMAZING RIGHT? I think so and I would invest 5 minutes in anything that would direct others way from self medicating to real life any time, any day! WHAT A GREAT DAY THIS IS! As is any day for me!


Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mothers Always Know Best!

Feliz dia das mães (Happy mother's day)Image by introspectivo via FlickrHow to use the holiday as a time to heal and remember, not to grieve.
Being the day before Mother's Day, everywhere you go, look, listen or see is reminding us. I just wrote a post in Cafe Mom about the woman that stood out most in my life. I find that no one woman was the influence but women were. Last week I wrote about how, as a country, we would benefit from a female president, but we're still not sure if that will take place. While my prayers are focused on it, we don't know how many others are. It is what a mother brings to the table. Not just a woman but a mother. Only mother's truly know sacrifice, recognize need, offer help,teach children,learn forgiveness and give thanks for everything in their lives, on a "daily basis."

It is not because I am a mother that I feel this way, I am a mother to feel this way. When women are children...most dream about motherhood as they look up to their moms, learn from them and in most cases become much like them. I personally, cannot say that, but I know the percentages are high. Women are behind the biggest decisions ever made in the Universe, no human can be here without the aid of a mother, no matter what science tells us. Women are the Queens of the Universe. Just ask "your" mother tomorrow, because "Mothers Always Know Best," it says so on my wall.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


A celebratory Mother's Day cookie cake.Image via WikipediaI am not normally, someone who is outspoken about politics, but when I heard the outcome today of the democratic race this morning, I cringed. I think that people are overlooking a really important fact about Obama…Did this preacher just begin to preach about these things and if no, then why did Obama stay in that ministry so long? I am disheartened to think that we might be under the tutelage of this man who comes from a ministry of racism and un-american beliefs as his minister. I see where he denounced him, but seriously, are we ignoring the fact that that man did not become senile overnight. He must have been preaching those sermons right along. I would really like to hear the answer to that question.

I see Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail and I wonder how the world would be with a woman at the helm. I believe that there is a world of men, right here in the U.S., that would like to see that take place also. Men who know who taught them to be kind, polite and generous to others. It was and still is a mother’s job to teach her children how to be kind instead of right all the time. It is mothers, in the highest percentage of families, that rear children with faith in a higher power, and teach their children that racism, hatred and intolerance are things they should never ignore. It is mothers that teach their children to stand up for injustices they see, but without violence. It is mothers that teach children that happiness is a “natural state of mind.” When we celebrate Mother’s Day this year, I personally, as a mother, would like to know that I have taught my children those things….oh wait, I did. I believe that Hillary did also. She still gets my vote.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


The Thinker, Artist's rendering of the sculpture by Auguste Rodin.Image via WikipediaI’m finding it’s amazing what you can fit into a day! A little micro-managing can always come in handy.

When you have spent time in reflection, the discoveries just keep coming. I am amazed at how much you can really misunderstand another’s perception of an issue that you are both experiencing. Everything “without” is an individual’s perception. Nothing, anyone else experiences, will ever be the same for you. It is impossible, no two people share the same mind (brain), so we are actually blessed with “individual thought (perception) at any given time. Two human beings will not see everything the same in similar experiences. I have realized that there is an experience in my life that is very disturbing because it is something that I personally, would never do, and yet I find that I have in some way enabled this behavior and I am disheartened by that thought. I am not responsible for the other person’s decision or perception, but my experience leads me to believe that I so strongly disagree with this issue that I must distance myself from it, knowing that I can never continue to enable this behavior. This is not judgment, because I do believe each of us makes our own decisions based on our own thoughts and they are reinforced by our feelings, so distancing myself is the only way to no longer enable this behavior.

I have said before there is a blessing in every experience and I am so grateful to have my own perception to choose how I decide to feel in my life, in my day, or at any given time.

Our individual experiences, make us who we are, depending on what we choose to take from each experience. I thank God for the wisdom to know the difference.

Monday, May 5, 2008


Eleanor Roosevelt speaking at the United Nations, c. 1947Image via Wikipedia"Plenty of people miss their share of happiness, not because they never found it, but because they didn't stop to enjoy it."
William Feather
1889-1981, Writer

I have had a day of reflection today! I lost a dear friend, although I had not seen her for a while, she was often on my mind. I actually appreciate days like this because it makes us take time to reflect and realize how precious our time on this planet is. It makes us want to get to everything done “yesterday,” but that is not what we need to do. It is much wiser to appreciate the day that you are in…the “now“…the “present“…always, as if it might be your last. Live everyday to the fullest, without just filling your day. Tomorrow is the anniversary of the loss of my daughter. If I had not had that experience (losing a child)I would not have been able to say to my friend’s children, “She is where she wants to be now, she is with her son, who she cared for through his cancer, into death.

It is really hard for a mother to have a child leave before them. I remember my mother’s passing (as I was the one that managed her care) and the night before, I sat with my Grammy as she sipped her glass of port and she told me precious, funny stories about my mother, my grandfather and my mother’s brothers and sisters. She got me through that night, and we did it with laughter. My Grammy was really strong that night, but after my mother passed, I think it was too hard for her. One of my Aunt’s said, she could not live knowing my mother went before her. I really never believed that because, I went on to care for my mother just after my child passed. You are as strong as you need to be, God always carries us through those times. I think that my Grammy just reached her time. They referred to her as Eleanor Roosevelt at her funeral, I’ve never forgotten that. She did quite a bit of traveling, despite any health issues she had. She was happy and she had a wonderful life. There was always laughter around her. This is what a day of reflection does....it shows you why life is so precious, why we should eat every moment as if it was our last bite.

So tomorrow, when you begin your day, choose to take a bite out of life, for all who passed before us, and don’t forget to have a lot of laughter...it is the best medicine, so they say.

Make a choice to watch it, read it or live it…but at least try it, and remember this:
The Secret

Thoughts do become things.

There are no coincidences.
Miracles are all around us.
Ask, Believe and you will receive.
It all begins with baby steps.