Tuesday, May 6, 2008


The Thinker, Artist's rendering of the sculpture by Auguste Rodin.Image via WikipediaI’m finding it’s amazing what you can fit into a day! A little micro-managing can always come in handy.

When you have spent time in reflection, the discoveries just keep coming. I am amazed at how much you can really misunderstand another’s perception of an issue that you are both experiencing. Everything “without” is an individual’s perception. Nothing, anyone else experiences, will ever be the same for you. It is impossible, no two people share the same mind (brain), so we are actually blessed with “individual thought (perception) at any given time. Two human beings will not see everything the same in similar experiences. I have realized that there is an experience in my life that is very disturbing because it is something that I personally, would never do, and yet I find that I have in some way enabled this behavior and I am disheartened by that thought. I am not responsible for the other person’s decision or perception, but my experience leads me to believe that I so strongly disagree with this issue that I must distance myself from it, knowing that I can never continue to enable this behavior. This is not judgment, because I do believe each of us makes our own decisions based on our own thoughts and they are reinforced by our feelings, so distancing myself is the only way to no longer enable this behavior.

I have said before there is a blessing in every experience and I am so grateful to have my own perception to choose how I decide to feel in my life, in my day, or at any given time.

Our individual experiences, make us who we are, depending on what we choose to take from each experience. I thank God for the wisdom to know the difference.

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