Monday, May 12, 2008


ButtercupImage by .koltregaskes via FlickrWhat an interesting day. I spent some of it creating a blog for my friend James, which he was extremely grateful for. Shortly after that was done, he began to experience the miracle of my computer. We had an amazing laugh about the experience but just 5 minutes ago I went back into my blogger dashboard and realized that all of my blogs are now in James' name. It is too late to call him but I know he will get a great laugh out of that. But, as you read my posts, know, I am not James...I am rosee285, as I have always been. AnnMarie.

It's funny, but I know that there is purpose in this experience. James and I so enjoyed doing this together today, but neither of us expected this new occurrence. I have no problem sharing my work with James, because I know that only good will go his way because it is my experience to receive good things and now he gets to enjoy that also.

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