Friday, May 23, 2008


Forget What's BehindImage by D LeRoy via Flickr“The body knows a language the mind never wholly masters.”
Brenda Miller

Brenda Miller is a Professional Coach and a Spiritual Teacher. I received this quote in my email this morning from Oprah’s Mission Statement Newsletter.
To experience Radical Forgiveness is to open yourself to a new way of looking at your world.
To experience Radical Forgiveness is to heal your life!
Radical Forgiveness Coaching assists you to achieve inner peace by helping you to release all those old victim stories and self-destructive patterns that have kept you out of joy, stolen your life, and blocked your abundance. And it's done in a way that is safe, quick, and therapeutically non-invasive.

When I read that quote it brought back the messages I have been hearing about forgiveness lately. I wrote a few posts on my blog about it awhile back and it still resonates around me. Believing that I had forgiven many people and myself for things that I carried with me for years, I find that there are more. When you wake up as I do everyday, beginning with gratitude and right on to the motivational speech I give myself each morning, and you believe that you have forgiven all….there it is… clearly resonating in a pain somewhere in the body, sometimes the head, the back, a shoulder, and often the neck. All these places that I had always believed were signs of stress, I realize now that they are actually more leftover emotional baggage that I am still carrying. Hoping each time that you make a discovery about yourself, that it is the last one, is truly a futile practice. So I turned it around today…now they are blessings. When I looked back and realized in the past week or so, that I recognized mistakes that way, and how easily it translates for forgiveness…it was clear. I’m not sure that is the point that Brenda Miller was trying to make with her quote…that is what I perceived from it, and I am grateful to her for that….“It is always a blessing to find the purpose of pain.”

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