Wednesday, May 7, 2008


A celebratory Mother's Day cookie cake.Image via WikipediaI am not normally, someone who is outspoken about politics, but when I heard the outcome today of the democratic race this morning, I cringed. I think that people are overlooking a really important fact about Obama…Did this preacher just begin to preach about these things and if no, then why did Obama stay in that ministry so long? I am disheartened to think that we might be under the tutelage of this man who comes from a ministry of racism and un-american beliefs as his minister. I see where he denounced him, but seriously, are we ignoring the fact that that man did not become senile overnight. He must have been preaching those sermons right along. I would really like to hear the answer to that question.

I see Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail and I wonder how the world would be with a woman at the helm. I believe that there is a world of men, right here in the U.S., that would like to see that take place also. Men who know who taught them to be kind, polite and generous to others. It was and still is a mother’s job to teach her children how to be kind instead of right all the time. It is mothers, in the highest percentage of families, that rear children with faith in a higher power, and teach their children that racism, hatred and intolerance are things they should never ignore. It is mothers that teach their children to stand up for injustices they see, but without violence. It is mothers that teach children that happiness is a “natural state of mind.” When we celebrate Mother’s Day this year, I personally, as a mother, would like to know that I have taught my children those things….oh wait, I did. I believe that Hillary did also. She still gets my vote.

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