Thursday, May 22, 2008

97 Million Vote for American Idol

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"We don't see things as they are;
we see things as we are."

Anais Nin

It is the simplest collection of words, put together, from “within” and yet it is a true statement. We only perceive what is around us. No one can prove to us whether or not it is there. It is our perception…and an individual’s perception of reality is just that…”an individuals perception.” They can never be the same, your perception or mine. They both come from different places. Every once in awhile though, it appears that they come from the same place. That is how people are able to form relationships…built on love and trust. It is through belief of their perception that binds them. It is that moment when…words are exchanged…a look passes from one to the other….a smile forms and love begins. From within.

It is through our own perception that we make decisions that others disagree with or misunderstand and react to. What if it was possible to speak and just receive…”I see”?
It actually is but most people are not willing to take the time to make a decision to be like that. Or they do not believe that anything will change if they do that. Or they think that they are always right. I find the latter to be the most common. Most of “us” (I do have to include myself) believe we are right over others on most occasions, it is only through a long standing pact with themselves that they commit to make the change necessary to not always try to be right. None of it has to do with education or experience, it has to do with perception. I will always see things differently. Even when you choose to commit to the action (or non reaction) you still realize how often or how hard it was and is. When you release the idea that “you must always be right”, you release the reaction, thus peace.

Imagine this on a Global Level. I know for a fact that it is being adapted from a lot of sources, Oprah, Tolle, Wayne Dyer and numerous others, but why is it still so hard for so many to not want to have peace? This is staggering to me....97 million people during the course of the last showing of “American Idol” took the time to make a call and vote for the person they chose as the next “American Idol.” American Idol…what in the name of the Universe does it have to do with anything? One more way to make one more person rich and famous? Why is rich and famous more important than peace, poverty or homelessness? 97 million people and I hope this reaches just 1 million of them in some shape or form because the enormity of that is staggering.

I will say this again, what did Wayne Dyer quote the dalai lama saying “ if every child in the world, from the age of 5 years and up, was taught to meditate JUST 1 HOUR PER WEEK, on just compassion....in one generation, we could end all violence and the prospect of war forever on our planet....Just 1 hour per week....just on compassion. How many of the 97 million people (who called to vote for the next American Idol) do you think would even consider that possibility? 97 million people took the time to make a phone call to vote for The Next American Idol, and yet we still have war ANYWHERE IN OUR WORLD. We still have people sleeping on park benches and doorways. Children going to bed every night without food or shelter. Unbelievable to me.
If you have an opinion about this, please comment on my blog today and if you agree or disagree would you make a commitment to yourself to tell at least one other person about this post. Just 1 other person, and ask them to come and make a comment and have them tell another person. I expect there are 97 million people in the world that have the time. And when they do we will have enough power to change the world....POWER TO CHANGE THE WORLD...IMAGINE...THAT YOUR VOTE REALLY WOULD COUNT AND COMMENT ON THIS POST. Let's see if we can begin one small step in that direction.

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