Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mothers Always Know Best!

Feliz dia das mães (Happy mother's day)Image by introspectivo via FlickrHow to use the holiday as a time to heal and remember, not to grieve.
Being the day before Mother's Day, everywhere you go, look, listen or see is reminding us. I just wrote a post in Cafe Mom about the woman that stood out most in my life. I find that no one woman was the influence but women were. Last week I wrote about how, as a country, we would benefit from a female president, but we're still not sure if that will take place. While my prayers are focused on it, we don't know how many others are. It is what a mother brings to the table. Not just a woman but a mother. Only mother's truly know sacrifice, recognize need, offer help,teach children,learn forgiveness and give thanks for everything in their lives, on a "daily basis."

It is not because I am a mother that I feel this way, I am a mother to feel this way. When women are children...most dream about motherhood as they look up to their moms, learn from them and in most cases become much like them. I personally, cannot say that, but I know the percentages are high. Women are behind the biggest decisions ever made in the Universe, no human can be here without the aid of a mother, no matter what science tells us. Women are the Queens of the Universe. Just ask "your" mother tomorrow, because "Mothers Always Know Best," it says so on my wall.

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