Thursday, May 15, 2008


Logo of the United States Senate, used on the senate.gov website since January 2006 and also in some online publications prior to that.Image via WikipediaThings are never what you think they will be! I have been anticipating this oral surgery and "worrying" about how bad it would be. Funny thing is, it's done, and it was nothing even close to where I let my mind go before the procedure. The only think I know to be true, is the image I had in my mind, about how I would feel about how I looked. That much is true.

Think back to the last person you saw that had no teeth...yeah, nice thought huh? Well, welcome to my world. I had to have my top teeth removed today and because I live in Massachusetts, I will have to go without my teeth until Mass Health says I can have them. No person should ever have to go without their teeth. Immediate dentures should be a priority for those of us in Massachusetts, and in any state that disallows them as "immediate." My issue now is...when.

Every Senator and Representative in Massachusetts should have to go through this, and I guarantee that if they did....no one would ever go without "immediate dentures" again. It is not degrading enough to be on disability, subjected to the rules of the state but then to humiliate one even more, they disallow "immediate dentures." If you are in a position to aid in making this change, please step up and look at the people that are being subjected to this arrangement.

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