Sunday, May 11, 2008


Easter Procession in the Region of Kursk. Oil on canvas. 175 × 280 cm. The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow.Image via WikipediaThe best day of the year for a woman is today, MOTHER'S DAY! It is the one time, despite other family connections, (like in-laws) you can depend on your own children to hold you in the highest esteem. I could not have asked for a better day! I am so in love with my children, my life, and the attraction of my family and my children to my life. This is the ultimate high!

We (my children and I) were sitting at dinner and discussing exactly this...what it is like to be high on different drugs. One of my children was surprised to hear that one of him/her siblings, had tried a drug, that never occurred to him/her would be tried by him/her. He/She was shocked, but we were all shocked, by the comparison that I threw out to them, about how I feel when I meditate. Needless, to say, they do not believe me...They sincerely do not believe that you (in general)one can meditate and reach a natural high through the process of meditation. Isn't it amazing that there is ANYTHING in the world that compares to a major drug high? Who knew? Anyway, I had my first alcoholic drink since Easter and thought, "what is the actual purpose of this?") I know that is not news to everyone, but if you know me...that is a major element in my life ( if you knew me personally). My daughter's boyfriend brought up a new method of getting high that teens and even adults are trying and it was so disgusting that we all did that same thing....eeewwww...What a blessing it was to me to tell them, that even an acid high, was no different than a meditation state. Right, a self induced state of mind that has no residual affect, but is actually, more effective than actual drugs...Where does that leave one?

Just take 5 minutes,to stop and think about only that...Really, imagine...the same affect with no NEGATIVE RESIDUAL AFFECT....That, to me is, LIFE ALTERING information...really, 5 minutes... and think about that...AMAZING RIGHT? I think so and I would invest 5 minutes in anything that would direct others way from self medicating to real life any time, any day! WHAT A GREAT DAY THIS IS! As is any day for me!


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