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"If You Don 't Like Your Outcomes, Change Your Responses"

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"If You Don 't Like Your Outcomes, Change Your Responses" Jack Canfield.
We have all (generally) used our past experiences as excuses for our lack of success, but the simplest way to succeed is to change the response. Why make excuses when you can make changes? Jack Canfield refers to E + O = R.
Event + Response = Outcome, in his book "The Success Principles." Think about those that have succeeded, and you will find that they all have one thing in common. They moved forward despite all the obstacles that were put in front of them. I think that pretty much everyone knows Oprah Winfrey's story of abuse in her childhood. She didn't sit back and let that be an excuse to fail, she used it as a tool to succeed.
It took me many, many years to realize that my parents were not responsible for the life I have made for myself. I realized it when  I had children of my own. I saw my own experiences while raising my children and made sure that I did not do the bad things that my parents subjected me to. That doesn't mean that my children are all wonderfully successful, as a matter of fact they all have issues because I carried past experiences with me for so long that they were affected by it. They never had a realistic idea of what a good relationship was because they weren't raised in one. Twice divorced, I raised them predominately as a single parent, so there was no role model for them for the perfect relationship. So they now have to learn how to have a good relationship on their own. Am I beating myself up over that? No... because I know that my parents did the best they could and so did I. I could not have done things differently unless I came to this conclusion in my 20's and that didn't happen.
This is true about all experiences in life. If we let our past determine who we are or who we become, inevitably we will not be happy, unless we had one of those lives where nothing terrible ever happened. I didn't have that life, I had the one where bad things happened, and I thank God everyday for those experiences because those became the teaching moments in my life. For every obstacle I overcame, I became closer to the idea that the past does not define me, I do, and I do it by the examples that I set for those around me now, today.
What if there was only today? Would you take a chance and let go of all the things that are making you unhappy? Would you dare to open your mind, not knowing what would come out or what might go in. Most people find it hard to open their mind...I leave mine open all the time, because at anytime the answer to everything I ever wanted to know might come in. And so it has...I have chosen to determine the outcome of my life based on the experiences of each day and each day I do something that gets me closer to where I have always wanted to be. Empower Network is my Saving Grace today. Two guys that have structured a company where everyone has the possibility of finally being paid immediately, 100% commission.
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