Thursday, June 19, 2008


Paper tape relay operation at FAA's Honolulu flight service station in 1964Image via WikipediaSome days I am just so mesmerized by the constantly changing technology of the internet. I think...."what would I be doing if it wasn't here.?" I'm sure there would be another way of communicating or working that I would find, but I doubt it would intrigue me as much as the internet does.
I remember my first job in high school, I worked for an auto supply store and they had one of the first computers I had ever seen. It was enormous and I would punch tape that they would load onto the massive systems. I wasn't chosen to be trained to run the computer, which was their loss because ever since I owned my first computer, I was glued to the possibilities daily. The simplicity of communication, research, school work for the kids. I did more book reports and projects for my kids homework, than I ever did in high school and college combined. It is truly fascinating, but all new technology has always been to me. When VCR's came out I was not afraid to open it up and take out the tape that was stuck in there. I was lucky enough to work for a man that charged people $50.00 to do that, but I saw him do it and it became a new talent for me. It was the same with the computer, I was never intimidated by it as a machine. I learned early on how to open it (warranties be damned) and add ram or clean out the dust. I think that we are all born with many talents and this just happens to be one for me. i can add a long list of figures but have no knack for Algebra, I can take a machine apart but I can't make money doing it. I know that my fascination with the internet is a gift and I use it every day, but it is no place, to me, that is easy to focus on. I am so distracted and intrigued by the immenseness of it. It is, and I believe, always will be the fastest, easiest way to reach the greatest number of people in the shortest amount of time. It is pure genius. Tomorrow, I will focus, today I enjoyed.
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