Sunday, October 5, 2008


A few months ago my daughter brought home these amazing sponges that hse ordered for the health club she manages, they were from Peaceful Company.
The sponges are called TWIST European Sponge Cloth #20. I have been using the same sponge for more than 3 months now and I have given some to my friends also. Imagine having a sponge that never smells, stays clean (because you put it in your dishwasher)and it replaces at least 17 rolls of paper towels. If you don't believe me try them out for yourself, then write me a scathing email and I will post it on my website in big letters. I went to the Peaceful website to purchase some new ones and I found this amazing little tool that we can all use.
Every grocery store now sells their own shopping bag, and although I try, every time to remember them, I never seem to, and I end up using plastic or purchasing more eco friendly bags. Well, I found the solution at Peaceful Company, they are called FLIP TUMBLE BAG. It fits directly into your purse when you are done with it, so you always have a shopping bag. It is the perfect solution for when we cannot remember to take those bags with us. We can still help the environment despite our short mind span.
It is a great idea to check out Peaceful Company and Twist Clean for some really environment healthy things we use everyday anyway.

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