Sunday, October 31, 2010


We have been accepted by Pepsi again to collect enough votes for the $250,000 Grant to open a Norton Community Program for “High functioning” disabled adults.

The voting does not being until December 1, 2010 so we have time to implement a new plan and one of them is to tell everyone you know to start on December 01, 2010 to begin voting for us EVERDAY BY INTERNET and TEXT.

We can do it this time because we have plenty of time to set up the voting. I am so excited, God is answering my prayers.  This is a dream for everyone to benefit from.

I hope everyone will work with me to get all the voting resources lined up by December 01, 2010, we will only have 15 days to complete the vote so we have to collect thousands of people to make sure we take the number 1 or 2 spot for this size grant. We will thrive through this new resource.

Norton will benefit so much from this program.  It will bring members from other communities into our community and open up jobs for Norton, along with revenue from the stores that are linked to this project. 

Watch the video on Youtube.com at:

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