Saturday, September 22, 2012


After years of depression, anxiety, bursitis, back pain, headaches, and digestive problems I have learned that the root cause of most of these issues is my spine. I was recently diagnosed with Phase II Scoliosis and Sciatica. Really? I can't tell you all how much I have gone through to try to find optimal health. I go to regular physicals and have visited my doctor with back issues more times than I can mention, and the end result was 4 years of muscle relaxants; which took I finally chose to stop taking, and it took me 8 weeks to detox the residual effect of them.
I know find that, in time, I will be able to enjoy a life without medication of any kind and have optimal health as a result of subluxation for my spine. The sad part is that it will take 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 years to complete re-aligning my spine and my  insurance will only cover 20 visits; and every time I stop for any period of time I will have to begin over. My insurance pays to correct it but not to maintain it. I would think that it would be of huge benefit to insurance companies to allow patients to receive maintenance to keep correct spine conditions in the long run, rather than making patients that can't afford to continue, to pay for regular visits and not have to begin over each year.
Despite still having pain while I am having these treatments, my mood, memory and digestive system have improved dramatically.
It's worth checking into if you experience depression, anxiety, and body pain rather than curing it all with medication. I hope this information helps another., if it does; let me know by commenting.

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