Thursday, December 27, 2007


This statement is taken out of context from an e-book entitled “ A Little Book of Forgiveness” Changes & Meditations For Anyone With Something To Forgive
written by D. Patrick Miller. http://www.universallawstoday.com/ebooks

Perhaps watching someone learn to change makes a
more lasting impression than having someone try to save you.

Forgiveness is a radical way of life that openly contradicts the most common and popular beliefs of this troubled world.

I ran across this today in The Secret forum and it was like it was written for me. I have answered many posts in the Law of Attraction forums asking about how to hang onto relationships that are not making you happy after you begin to live by The Law of Attraction and my response has been consistently the same. When you begin to change and align yourself to LOA people will back away from you because like attracts like and you are no longer like them. YOU have changed, they have not, and believing that you can change another person is futile. It is totally reasonable to believe that others will learn to change from you but you can not expect that from them unless it is their choice to learn LOA with you or from you. LOA is a mindset.
When you begin to move away from destructive, unhealthy behavior by changing your mindset, those around you may feel the necessity to pull away to hang onto their own destructive behavior; because they are content in denial. That is why there is such a high percentage of disease. This is a strong statement and I’m sure I’ll hear a lot of negative comments but I believe that it is true. I can almost categorically name the illnesses and issues of the people around me that remain in denial about their own health issues; people who believe that they have no control over their bodies. Their bodies are run by their mind. How much clearer can that be. The mind is the power behind everything that is done in the world…. and also that is undone or not done. The mind is where faith is…and faith is where God is, it is that simple.
I am so grateful to have found this e-book today, as I have been searching my soul for forgiveness and this was the answer to my prayers. If you get a chance you should read this book, it will help to ease the pain and sorrow of separation that sometimes occurs when change takes place. By no means am I suggesting that everyone or anyone around you will separate from you when you start to apply the LOA, I am only saying if this happens, here is an explanation to ease your mind. I have personally experienced this and was looking for a way to deal with forgiveness and it was right here in front of me. Thank you God.

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