Monday, July 14, 2008


It was just about 16 months ago when I heard Bob Proctor speak for the very first time. He was on Oprah with the Masters of the Secret. I was so enthralled with all of them, that from that day forward, everything I did was in connection with "The Secret" and The Law of Attraction. It began with finding the ability to quit smoking after so many times trying to quit, and failing over and over, to waking up one day and never smoking again. Losing 47 pounds with no effort. Quitting a daily drinking routine 10 years old. I had been a prisoner of my own mind for over 4 years, stricken with Agoraphobia (fear of open spaces. I used "The Secret" the movie obsessively for months as those things were transpiring around me AND HELPED ME RELEASE THE FEAR THAT WAS KEEPING ME TRAPPED.. The first time I was able to leave my home and go for a simple walk, I did it with tears in my eyes and feeling such joy, it is unexplainable. I watched the movie over and over, I wrote every word that was spoken by pausing my tv and writing down the words. When there were no other options, I turned the captions on and watched it that way. I inhaled it, and it changed my life.

In the movie Bob Proctor is shown with a key spinning in the foreground every time he speaks, I always interpreted that to mean he was the holder of the key to success, and if you have ever heard him speak you would believe that also. Well, Bob Proctor is making a major announcement on Thursday July 17, 2008 at 9:00 am EST, and it WILL LAST 5 DAYS. MISSING THIS ANNOUNCEMENT WILL BE VERY DISAPPOINTING TO YOU, SO DON'T MISS IT...MAKE A NOTE...NOW AND BE READY AT 9:00am EST ON JULY 17, 2008 FOR HIS ANNOUNCEMENT.

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