Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hummingbirds and The Law of Attraction.

I use the Hummingbird as my logo to depict my faith in "The Law of Attraction." Another example is the Monarch Butterfly. Both of these creatures live The Law of Attraction. They are prime examples of how the Law of Attraction works. If you choose to attract these beautiful creatures to your garden, it must be under very certain conditions. They are attracted to color and to the sweet liquid that we put out for them. If these CONDITIONS do not exist in your garden or near it, then you will not attract Hummingbirds or Monarch Butterflies. I wanted to particularly attract them to mine, so I planted a lot of purple and red flowers, a Trumpet Vine, and a Butterfly Bush for the Monarchs. My neighbor gets more than anyone I have every known, but she plans very carefully and is very consistent with her flowers and the perfect food. Making sure they are always provided for, they continually return. Both creatures are miracles of nature when you think about it. The miraculous thing about them is their size and strength. Monarch Butterflies migrate from great distances every year.

"Each adult butterfly lives only about four to five weeks. But one of the many wonders of the Monarchs is the annual creation of a unique "Methuselah generation." As autumn approaches in their sites of migratory origin, a very special generation of butterflies is born. Unlike their parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, and great-great-grandparents -- all of whom had ephemeral lives measured only in weeks -- these migratory butterflies survive seven or eight months. In human terms, given our average life span of 75 years, this would be like having children who lived to be 525 years old!" THERE IS THE MIRACLE.

The Law of Nature in philosophical terms
states that "a system of right or justice held to be common to all humans and derived from nature rather than from the rules of society, or positive law.

Why Hummingbirds Migrate:
As with most of our migratory birds, hummingbirds apparently evolved to their present forms during the last ice age. They were (and largely still are) tropical birds, but as the great ice sheets retreated from North America, they gradually expanded their ranges to exploit rich temperate food resources and nesting space, filling unoccupied niches in the U.S and southern Canada while evading intense competition in the tropics. Some songbird species have adapted completely to our variable North American climates, in part by becoming vegetarians in winter, and don't migrate. But hummingbirds are carnivores (nectar is just the fuel to power their flycatching activity), and depend on insects that are not abundant in subfreezing weather, so most of them must retreat back "home" to Central America in the winter or risk starvation. AGAIN THE MIRACLE

The Law of Attraction requires the CONDITIONS be right to attract what it is you want in your life. Wanting is not enough, you MUST take action to get what you want and the more consistent the action, and the more consistent the direction...will be what attracts what you want into your life.

So remember:THE SECRET
It all begins with baby steps.

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