Tuesday, August 5, 2008



If I have to actually explain what the Law of Attraction is like, I can do it with at least one of a hundred different stories. As I was sitting here tonight in my empty living room, as a result of my affirmation to become “fearless,” I got a phone call from a woman named Kathleen. Kathleen works for a company that helps to relieve your debt, we were having a conversation that related to some paper work she sent me and it was for an account at Rocky Mountain Bank and Trust. Now how often do you think that a “co-incidence” like this would happen. As we were talking, the television was muted, and when I took it off mute, John Denver was singing Rocky Mountain High. Now maybe none of that is significant to anyone but me, but it is like that all day long for me. These little, miraculous, funny moments that make me laugh aloud here, alone, in my living room. If I cared what my neighbors thought, they would probably be thinking I am a looney tune but I don’t care, because having a moment like that just makes my day. “Thank God I’m a Country boy.”

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