Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Hilary Rodam Clinton, introduced by her daughter, at the Democratic Convention, was amazing. Her speech was inspiring and I know her hope is that, her supporters will change their votes to support Barak Obama. Not an Obama fan myself, I see her point. By voting for Hilary as a write in, your vote will be lost, and Republican John McCain will only benefit from that. It won't be a vote for the Democrats, which is what we need. For the changes from the past eight years to go in a more positive direction, one that encompasses every American, not just big business and the rich, we must all vote Democratic and that means Obama.

I wonder how the White House Staff will respond, taking a subjective role under his, presumption. I'd like to see Michelle Obama stronger than I have seen her. She appears submissive and I'm not sure that she can find "herself" in the country, especially while raising two very young African American children in America. Having the first African American President may bring some consequence, as response to his blatant narcissism, which has nothing to do with his gender or his race.

I am saddened by Hilary's loss, but I know that many, that never expected her strength, will also be disappointed. I think she gained a great many points from her speech tonight. It is a shame that her supporters (me included), can't find a way to put her back in the driver's seat. So becoming an Obama supporter, although difficult, will be the best choice in this election. I believe his choice for Vice President should be in his favor. Biden's experience with foreign affairs should give the presidency an edge they might not have had.

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