Tuesday, August 26, 2008


11-Year-Old Jack Davis' Bill to Help the Homeless is about to Be Signed into Law!

Jack’s Bill, officially titled the "Jack Davis Florida Lending a Helping Hand Bill," which will allow restaurants to give their unused food to the homeless, just passed in the Florida House of Representatives. The next step is for the governor to sign it into law, which should happen in the next few weeks. Once the bill is signed, it should take effect July 1, 2008.

Jack went to Tallahassee and did a lot of lobbying for his bill. While there, Jack was fortunate enough to meet with several legislators and attend several sessions and committee meetings, but the highlight of his trip was a 20-minute meeting with the Governor of Florida, Charlie Crist. The governor had Jack sit in his chair, which Jack told him was "almost" as comfortable as the "Ellen chair.” The governor then promised he would sign Jack’s Bill into law if it reached his desk!

We’ll keep you updated, of course, to let you know how everything turned out, and to find out what great deeds Jack Davis will be pursuing next!

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