Tuesday, September 30, 2008


The Dash
What will be your dash? Mine will be that I loved, as hard as I could, "everyone I met."
My friend, Beverly, right now, is experiencing a fork in the road. Her husband is ill, and even though many in their life that have met her husband Charlie, never understood how they remained married for 40 plus years; I understand why.
Beverly works as a CNA in a nursing home, she cares for people who have had to go to a nursing home for additional care, that hospitals cannot give them. Every year she is awarded a cash prize for being the number 1 CNA in the chain of nursing homes. She is loved, respected, and admired for what she does. And now, she may have to choose that for her husband. Funny thing is, I know that she would never choose to send Charlie to a nursing home, she would take care of him on her own. The doctors and nurses at the hospital, joke with her about how grateful they are when she comes to sit with him because it is the only time he is not cursing or yelling at someone. He is at peace only when she is there. What they don't realize is that she is also at peace, when she sits with him. She misses him at night when she goes to sleep alone, she misses him when she comes home to her empty house, greeted by her cat "Lightening." She misses him and his cursing and yelling because she knows that he is a wonderful man who would do the same thing for her. That is why they have been together for 40 plus years.
So, say a prayer for Charlie to get well, but if he cannot, pray for his love to give her the strength to go on without him.

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