Sunday, September 14, 2008


FAILURE IS THE DOOR TO SUCCESS. Make your failures the key, not the lock.

It is 2 ½ days until I hit a milestone birthday, and as I sit here watching the movie, “Coco Chanel,” the threaded conversations in my mind have pulled me away to record my thoughts. What a remarkable woman she was. Living to the age of 88 years, she found, early in life, that being yourself at whatever risk, is the meaning of life.

I answered a question the other day, in response to a statement, “God does not want science to be a tool to a longer life.” The absurdity of the statement sent me into a flailing rage of expression. I realized that I was in a classroom situation and held back, re-worded my response to comply with the rules of the University, but in doing so, I did find a gentle way to express myself. The secret, I find, is in how it is expressed, not in what is expressed. Anything can be expressed in the proper mind set. Had I responded in anger, I would have failed to make my opinion count. That is the meaning of life. The cliché, “live life to the fullest,” and the idea that God does not want us to live as long as we possibly can is so redundant. He sacrificed his own child so we could have life and “free will,” and we would deny him respect and gratitude, by not trying to live longer, richer and happier lives? By finding joy, compassion, abundance and generosity in everything we do? How dare we? Well, the truth is that “the secret to life” is in knowing how absurd that statement really is.

If one wakes up everyday feeling unhappy, unfulfilled, unloved, underachieved…or even under the bed, it does not at all matter, because it is not life. Life is waking up everyday, loving life, being joyous, feeling loved, and over achieving in everything we do, anything less, is not God’s will. I know there is going to be a world of people that will find these statements sacrilegious, imperfect, untrue, but those will be the people that do not believe that God wants us to have amazingly beautiful, fulfilled and joyous lives, filled with the abundance of everything we desire. Welcome to MEANING OF LIFE.

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