Monday, January 24, 2011

The Barbarian and Radical Way

Love QuoteImage by Mina Uk via FlickrIf we could see things from God's perspective we would choose them, but we can't; so we must depend on our faith, and knowledge of his word to choose his way. If radical obedience was "easy " we would all do it. We are obedient to many others, (teachers, parents, bosses) Why not God? We should all be "running" to the path of God's demands, yet, because he gave us "free will," we don't always choose his way. We don't choose his way because everything he asks us to do "we think of as hard," change your mind and decide to choose his way and life may not be easier but it will be better.
"The most spiritual activity you will engage in today is to choose. We think we want the freedom to choose rather than making the choices that bring freedom." Erwin McManus.
Think about the choices you make everyday, a teen may choose to engage in sex, but that choice may bring an unwanted pregnancy, a driver may choose to drink, but that may bring the death of him/her or another. Make choices today that bring freedom. "The real power of life not the freedom to choose, but making the choices that GIVE YOU FREEDOM" Erwin McManus, Author of "The Barbarian Way."
"How you set your mind determines what's going to happen in your day. What's going to happen in your finances, or in your relationships." Based on 1 Peter 4:12.
Joyce Meyer, Author of "Power Thoughts", and "Go Radical."

What mind set will you start your day with?

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