Friday, March 27, 2009


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I was watching The Bonnie Hunt Show this morning, (avoiding writing a persuasive essay for ENG COMP), and she had Kevin Bacon and his brother on. I was so enthralled with the charity project they are a part of. It is called Musicians On Call.
They, and many other musicians, go to different hospitals and play for patients. I started to think about the amazing effect that must create and my "goofing off" turned into the a "purpose." Which means, my essay will be about how music and humor heal. Sometimes it is possible that people will heal even faster from music and humor; than they do from medicine and medical care, not to advocate against medical care, because it will always be a crucial element in healing, and in most cases, of course, the first step.

So there are two lessons that I learned today:
1. Even goofing off has purpose. (finding the topic of my essay)
2. Music and humor are amazing medical finds in healing care.
I love my life.

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