Tuesday, March 31, 2009

His Family Breathes Love for Him

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Somewhere back in my earlier posts I mention that I am in recovery from Agoraphobia (fear of open spaces). Well, today I have to say big freakin deal...I was sitting here at 11:00 p.m. tonight thinking about going to bed but was not quite tired enough. As I scrolled through the listings in my DVR, I saw that Oprah's interview with Michael J. Fox was on today. I have only, at this moment, seen the first 10 minutes; and the crappy day I thought I was having is nothing, nil. My recovery from Agoraphobia is nothing, nil, my quitting smoking is nothing, nil...my giving up excessive drinking is nothing, nil. What Michael J. Fox and his family are living is
"everything to everyone." I am sitting here now so blown away by the courage and fortitude that man has; and I am so grateful that President Obama has signed the bill that is going to help Michael have the life he so deserves.
There is so much love in his life. Just breathing the love his children and wife have for him must be his miracle drug. I have yet to read his book, but it is so on my list right now.

It's amazing that whenever you think things are bad in your life; something always comes along that makes you remember how grateful you are for everything and everybody in your life. All I can say is Thank you, God...thank you...thank you, for this wonderful human being, that is Michael J. Fox.

I am touched, motivated, and blessed that I was not ready to go to sleep, and took the opportunity to listen to this interview. If you haven't see it I hope they will repeat it (I'm sure they will). But, in the meantime, just remember to be grateful everyday for everything.

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