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I am experiencing a message lately that is telling me how much easier life is than I make it. I have always over thought things, however, I do not see this as a stumbling block anymore. I am finding that the more I look for the answers the more answers come to me. Confused? Well don't be, just try it. Decide what your actual question is; is it about your business, your personal life, family and friends, whatever it is just ask the question and the answers will come. "You are what you think about," "thoughts become things.I I have been saying these things for a few years now and the people around me are also now seeing the answers to their questions. it is not voodoo, religion, or anything hokey. It is just a simple scientific principle that states, "You are what you think about," "you are who you surround yourself with." I have been telling my group of friends lately that "one of us needs to get rich, because we all need money; and the only way to get it is to surround ourselves with "the rich," and then share it with each other," or we should all be thinking 'that we are rich."

Awhile back, I wrote a story about what my father always said to me when I felt sick or out of sorts, it was "it's all in your head," and I talked about what a blessing that was to me, considering that my father was an abusive alcoholic. Whatever state of mind you are in, is the environment you are choosing to live in. When I was young and my father said that to me, I was sad, and felt that no one really cared about me. In hindsight I realize that my parents loved me they just did not know how to show me in a way that I understood. They did the best they could. I know, that is just a "pat line" you hear from people all the time, but the fact is, it is true. Families sometimes grow apart because each member is in a different place in their life and how they are hearing what is going on around them is keeping them stuck where they are. Well, the only way one gets unstuck is to choose it. Choose to be unstuck, "right, that is great advice." The voice of my unconscious mind is becoming critical and outspoken about the way I view things now. "Just what I need, another voice telling me what to do." There it goes again. Well before it takes over completely, let me make my point. ",CHOOSE GOOD THOUGHTS," every minute of everyday that you can. Do not be afraid of the negative ones, "because one positive thoughts is so much more powerful than one negative one," and the positive one has the power to overcome the negative one.

If your questions are about your business, the answer is the same. Ask the question and the answers will come. I found the answer to a question this morning. "How am I going to get more people to listen to me, to buy what i sell, to visit my websites, and blogs and begin to find value in what I have to offer as a person. Here is the simple answer I got today..."PUT YOUR NAME ON IT." Seriously, how simple is that? Here's the best part, it's actually really cheap too. The best advertising in the world is the one you create that gets you seen by others so, put it on a business card, a pencil, a pen, your car door, your web site, your blog, your address labels, your stationary and do it by going here:-->

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