Monday, April 13, 2009

Such Unexpected Ways


Things come to us in such unexpected ways. I was watching a sitcom on television and I caught one of the "vanity cards" that Chuck Lorre puts on the last screen shot of the credits. The show is "The Big Bang Theory," but he puts them on other shows he writes for as well. Anyway, I Googled the vanity card #248 and found a wonderful blog because of that search. The blog is called "So Much More Than a Mom," and I found some really great content on there about living with a narcissist, which is why I have PTSD. The remnants of a father and a second husband, both narcissists. I still find it hard to believe that so many are still fooled by narcissists, but they are. I know a couple of women that should be taking steps to protect their children from this kind of mental abuse but are totally unaware that it exists, and telling them only sends them further away from real help.
I also found a great charity on that same blog. The charity is called "First Book," and it is a great idea to provide books for children that do not have them. I have always considered books great gift giving and in my family we always start with "The Giving Tree." We take things like books for granted and being reminded how valuable they are is great. Be sure to take a look at the blog.

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