Sunday, May 24, 2009


Cover of "The Science of Getting Rich"Cover of The Science of Getting Rich

I have been taking time to allow the practice of PRESENCE to settle within me, and come about when I can. It is so amazing, restful, peaceful, and almost magical how it makes me feel.
I am sharing my reading time now,with "The Power of Now," and "The Science of Getting Rich." The merge of the two books is filling me with such powerful and believable thoughts, it has gotten me back to complete my book project, which I hope will be done before June 26, 2009, which is the Anniversary of the deaths of my two family members; the book is to honor.
The books have given me an entirely new approach to the content and it is coming rather quickly,I am totally enjoying this process. I love my life at this very moment. How is yours? Get your hands on these two books and see how everything around you begins to change, when you begin to change.
I hope you will come back and let me know.

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