Thursday, October 15, 2009

Every child has a SPECIAL NEED

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Every child enter the world with their gifts already in place and sometimes we are the reason they lose sight of these gifts. We immediately choose to change who are children are as soon as they are born. Who are we to do that? It is not our job to change our children, it is theirs, from the moment they are conceived.
In a perfect world we would only have to believe that they would learn everything on their own, in their own way, but we are too afraid to do that.
God created each of us with the unique ability to be who we are and as parents we change that. It was never God's plan for parents to change their children, it is their job to send them on a safe path, and to develop themselves.
It is a difficult concept and it takes GREAT FAITH on our part "allow" that to take place, but in a perfect world...it would.
The next time your child is doing something that you deem improper or unacceptable, before interjecting...watch his/her process from a different mind-set and maybe you will see this/her gifts emerge, and their ability to be outstanding surface.

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