Friday, September 25, 2009


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I am really stretching the comfort zone today. I wrote to Ellen DeGeneres and asked for her to have the "cash for clunkers" to come to Norton, MA for me.
I recently wrote on one of my blogs, about how I went to the Dollar Tree one day and found two books that changed my life; they were "I'm Proud of You," by Tim Madigan, written about Fred Rogers (Mr. Rogers); and the second is called "The Prayer of Jabez," about how Jabez asks God to "Expand his Property" and God answering his prayer. "1 Chronicles 4:9-10"
The first book left me feeling curious and confused about why Fred Rogers was asking Tim Madigan's brother, who was dying of cancer, to pray for him,(Fred) and the second book answered that question. Fred Rogers developed a very close relationship to Tim Madigan and his family, especially when Tim's brother Steve, was in the final stages of Cancer. During that time one of the last conversations Fred had with Steve over the phone, he ended the conversation with, "Please pray for me Steve." Asking a dying man to pray for you seemed confusing and even a little frightening to me. It was a concept I had never considered, but then I read "The Prayer of Jabez," by Bruce Wilkinson, and my question was answered.
In "The Prayer of Jabez," chapter 2 is titled "So Why not Ask?" and in it are a couple of paragraphs that tell a story about Mr. Jones getting to heaven and how when Peter has finished giving him a tour of heaven, Mr. Jones asks why Peter has not shown him one particular building and Peter answers with, "You won't want to see what is in there." Mr. Jones persists, and Peter relents, and lets him in. When Mr. Jones opens the door, what he sees is a room filled floor to ceiling with shelves, and on each of the shelves are white boxes tied with red ribbons. Mr. Jones notices that there are names on them and asks Peter if there is one with his name on it. Peter says that there is, so Mr. Jones enters the room and finds his box. What he finds inside are all the blessings that God has had in store for Mr.Jones' whole life....but he never asked for them. The idea that God wants us to ask for ourselves, is a new concept to me, and one I am trying to find comfort in, but here I am trying to teach THIS OLD DOG SOME NEW TRICKS, TO BREAK OUT OF THIS PRISON IN MY MIND CALLED AGORAPHOBIA. And the answers come to me in two $1.00 books, that just happen to be in front of me, and I just happened to have a couple of dollars to buy them with. It is a powerful message to me and I have shared this message with as many people as I can, because I don't want another day to go by without others realizing that this is what God wants for us. God wants us to be happy, for him to be happy, simple...but true. "Pray for me."

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