Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Changed Heart~

It is sad when people use phrases like, "God told me to do this or that." To my knowledge, God has not spoken directly to anyone since the Old Testament. Correct me if I'm wrong, but scripture will prove that to be correct. Many that have recently experienced a change in their heart, will use that phrase; along with "I found God." But for me, I never knew he was lost.
We don't find God, he finds us; and has always known where we were. My daughter, a non-believer, was approached yesterday by an old boyfriend who led the conversation with those phrases. She was disturbed by this connection. I mean, I'm all for anyone that can help her to believe, but it will never happen for her with phrases like that.
Faith takes knowledge. The knowledge needed to talk to others about their faith and what the "Bible" says about God. When we are witnessing to others we need to use the right words and it takes knowledge to do that. I worry that this young man has been taught to witness incorrectly. He expressed some concerns to her that I think need to be addressed; but it seems like he might not be open to hearing the truth. Whatever the case, he needs someone to talk to, so I told my daughter I would be the one to do that for her. She immediately said, "You're the best," and surprised by that, I asked her if she could repeat it so I could record it. We just laughed.
God works in such mysterious ways. Not five minutes ago, my youngest son, knocked on my door, visibly upset. Upon further discovery I learned he had been fired. Fired from the only job he has held for 10 years. He's an alcoholic who has progressively brought himself to this place. I had a short talk with him about his next step and reminded him that just last week he told me this was probably going to happen soon, and here it is. It's funny how we bring ourselves to the place we say we are going. "We are responsible for our own reality." I think that is the hardest thing for most to accept.
God knows where we are going and always has, that is why he sent his only son to save us from sin. He sent Jesus to live in the "real" world and then sacrificed him to give us the grace we now have. We now have a forgiving God, and we should thank him everyday for his sacrifice.
This is a hard time of year for many, my son especially; but the strange part is that my church family and I have prayed for him to get here also. God has answered our prayer and now he will answer my son's when he turns to him for his much needed recovery. At this moment, he is not feeling very grateful and I understand that, but I am. I am so grateful that he is where he is so that he can now get the help he so greatly needs.
I know it must sound strange to many to hear that we prayed for him to hit bottom, but he was so unwilling to get there on his own that we felt he needed help and the only help we could offer was for him to  get here. With God's help the rest will right itself. It may not be a lasting solution, many have to try sobriety dozens of times, but for this Christmas; I am so grateful to God for bringing my son right where he is right now. God answered my prayer...

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