Monday, December 5, 2011

Hypnotic Marketing. Really????

It's sad when something so amazing as the internet is abused by people trying to make money dishonestly.  Pyramid schemes are called many things because every time someone creates one, it has to be something new; because too many people are afraid of the words "pyramid schemes." These things do not work unless you are burdening your friends and family with these" pie in the sky" ideas. They have even added a whole new element to take advantage of people...hypnotic marketing. It is exactly what it says it is too.

I think of the internet as something that reaches the "greatest number of people in the shortest period of time, " while others think of it as a way of hurting the "greatest number of people" in the shortest period of time. The only time this is different is when the product you are supposedly selling is through a reputable company that has a strong history and reputation.

Most "schemes, shams, and farces," are created by very savvy, internet frauds who have found ways to generate and run programs that look like money is going to go to your account, but in turn goes directly into theirs. These programs have become very sophisticated and actually use legitimate merchant accounts through supposedly legitimate banks. I recently signed to join a program that I will not name because I refuse to give them any more power over me than they have already had. This is the time of year that the creeps come out of the woodwork, so please...be careful. When it sounds too good to be true..it usually is.

Wouldn't it be nice if legitimate people offered to help those in need? It is sad when others need to take advantage of people to make a living. "Treat others as you want them to treat you," the Golden Rule and also one of God's most important lessons to us. What do we have to do to live in a world full of people that take advantage of others? God would say, forgive and forget...so I guess we take responsibility for our vulnerability, move on, and hope that the next time we won't be taken in by vipers, and remember that what "goes around comes around," without looking for it to happen; just knowing that it does, is enough for good people.
If one person is saved from being taken advantage of by one of these vipers as a result of reading this post, then I am truly blessed this season.
Happy Holidays~

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