Sunday, January 18, 2009

How Do You Define FAITH?

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How do you define "FAITH?"

When I was young I believed that Faith was something you had or you were going to "hell in a hand basket" because not having "faith" meant you didn't believe in God, and God was vengeful and you would be punished. Sad right? Well, that was the way that my parents raised me, but I never got any happiness from believing that. So I raised my children differently. There was no abuse verbal or otherwise. I was always available to them and I gave them free reign at home to voice their feelings, whatever road that took us down. When my daughter was in her teens and I was in menopause she was in puberty, there was a battle a day in our home. But one thing I knew by then: God was not going to strike me dead if I did something wrong and I made sure that my children understood that.

But what are people defining FAITH as today? Well I'm asking? What do you consider FAITH?

I believe that FAITH is the one thing that changes our life, without it, you will always stay where you are. One must have FAITH that their life will get better everyday, even if you have a great life. So everyday I thank God (The Universe) everyday for the things I am grateful for, even a simple breath of air. Think about that. Where would we be without a single breath of air? Right...DEAD. So even though breathing is an involuntary bodily function, I am grateful to have it. If I did not continue to breath then my life would be o0ver and I would enter a dimension that I am not ready to go to. I like this one, this is the one that has my children in it, my goals, my desires, all the wishes that have not come true yet, and the most joyful parts of my life may still be ahead of me, so I am grateful to breath each and everyday every moment of the day.

There have been times in my life when I have lost FAITH. I lost faith because I was blaming others for the way my life was going and when I blame others I have no control over it, so it cannot change. The one thing we all know is that "You can change no one but YOURSELF" RIGHT? Yes! If you are still thinking that your relationship will improve if you can manage to change your partner, get over it, because you are wrong. If you are thinking you lost your jkob because the economy stinks, you are wrong so get over it, take responsibility for it and move on to get another one. If you are thinking that you will never be happy again, then you are right, because as long as you believe that you will never be happy gain, you won't be.

We are in control of our own reality and if you are still believing that is not true then test it. (I told this to my son) If you are worried everyday about everyone else around you and you never have time to do for yourself, who's fault is it? YOURS. Try to spend one day, just one, by thinking about no one else but yourself and the wonderful, happy, joyful things you want to have happen in your life, and see how you feel at the end of that day. And then the next day...go back to worrying about everyone else. Then on the third day compare the feelings, and be totally honest with yourself. Which day was more productive and which day were you the happiest, and which day were the people around you the happiest...RIGHT THE DAY YOU THOUGHT ABOUT YOUR OWN DREAMS AND DESIRES. Now which day is better for you and those around you? You decide and when you find that I am wrong, please come back and tell me that. Tell me that you are still miserable and unhappy and I am full of crap. I will look forward to that. Seriously, I will.

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