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There is, in everyday, a small miracle or blessing. I feel sad for those that let things get in their way from seeing and hearing those experiences. I can be watching television or a movie, reading a book, or talking to a friend when I hear and see these things, and I am grateful for each of them everyday.

Today I was watching a movie on television, with Cheech Marin as a priest in Mexico. I love him, and the "versatility" of his movie roles. I am a product of the 60s after all. The small town was preparing a yearly festival that was based on a past miracle and the town held the festival yearly, to revere the saint that granted the miracle. While having a practice run of the highlight of the event the device breaks and a pig falls from the device. (This is when pigs fly). Anyway after the device breaks the townspeople are beginning to lose hope and Cheech Marin, in a conversation with Jason Priestly, one of the stars of the movie, who happens to be an engineer, says this"
"First do what is necessary, then do what is possible and suddenly you will be doing the impossible. Some people blame themselves for things they cannot do or the disappointment of others, or their own failures, but in their distress they forget that God does not expect us to be successful...only faithful. We must remember this, when doing the necessary, seems impossible. From the sorrow some strength will come."

Now how simple is that, right? I thin k others just watch movies that have a message like that and actually feel or receive no impact from it. I, on the other hand, cannot help but be influenced by those words and the affect they can have on our lives. Why would anyone not want to feel that way everyday? I don't have the answer to that, I'm just putting it out there, but if you have an answer to it, I would really like to hear it, please.

Well, those are my words of wisdom for today. See what happens when your whole day is changed because of the weather? If it did not snow today, I would not have heard those words. Simple...really simple.

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