Monday, January 26, 2009


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I sit at my computer each day for different reasons at any given time during the day. If I'm watching television and I run across something I don't know about, I have to get up and go right over to the computer and look it up. I also go to school on line and getting my degree would never be as possible for me without my computer. Friends call and ask me for help, I seem to be the go to girl for information, I go right to my computer.

I am working on writing a cookbook with my family and I should spend more time on it but I do spend sometime each week, at this rate though I don't know if they will all be around to read it. I better get a move on with that....

Whatever reason I sit here seems very important at the time, but lately, there seems to be a lot of frustration attached to that connection. I try each day to learn something new, to do something for one person, to help where I can, to cheer someone up, and to generate income from what I do also, but something is frustrating me, it's as though someone is telling me I'm not doing the right things. I feel like something is trying to do the work for me, but if that were the case...it would not be my work, and the joy of accomplishing it would be diminished. I am a strong believer in The Law of Attraction and it teaches that "you are what you think about." So when this frustration takes over me, I get angry and the funny thing is, I'm not an angry person. W. Clement stone used to say that "the universe was conspiring for him," I'm going to try an incorporate that into my mind set a lot more than I have been able to before and let nature take it's course and let God or if you prefer The Universe lead me in the direction that I should go. As Loretta Young used to say,"I'll just be about my father's business." Well, I guess that is what I'm going to have to believe, because I do not want to be an angry, unhappy person, I have too much joy to share with others to stay in that mind set. So it is onward and upward...and my needs will be met when they are deemed necessary I guess.
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