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12-31-08 9:58 P.M.

Here it is two hours before the beginning of a New Year, and although I cannot see all the changes in my life at this moment…one stands out above them all. “I QUIT SMOKING.” It still feels like a miracle to me. It will be 2 years in March 2009. Funny, but every time someone asks me how I did it, I answer with the same response, which is, “I don’t know how I did it, I just know that the thought was already planted in my mind.” They ask what I mean and I respond with, “I gave up trying to quit, and whenever anyone asked me when I was going to quit, I would say, I just want to wake up one day, and never smoke again.” Well, that is exactly how it happened. My doctor at the time, had a sign in his office, and I was a new patient. The sign said “ If you smoke, I will insist that you quit.” I guess I took it seriously and when he gave me the prescription for the lozenges, I had it filled and waited. My Aunt Pat, at the time, was being treated for Cancer, and the first time she went into the hospital I said I was going to quit smoking. Well, that was my last failure, I quit for 3 weeks and then started up again.

The next time my aunt went into the hospital, I didn’t know until I called her home and my Uncle answered. He told me she was in the hospital, so I told him I would go to see her. A few days later I did.
When I rounded the corner and saw her in her room in the Intensive Care Unit, I saw how frail she was and I felt tears well up in my eyes. I took a few steps back and cleared my face before I went into her room. She was happy to see me and she appeared perky, but it looked like it took a lot of energy to stay that way. The visit was short, and on the drive home I made the decision to quit. I still didn’t know when, so I set the date and when the time came, I just woke up the next day and didn’t smoke again. I had no withdrawal or even the desire to smoke again. I smoked 3 and ½ packs of cigarettes a day for many years, including the night before I quit, but it was the easiest thing I ever did. I watched my own sister, who died of heart disease, smoke in her hospital room after one of her heart attacks, and it still wasn’t enough to make me quit. My sister died alone in her apartment and no one knew for 3 days, but I continued to smoke. But that day sitting with my aunt, something happened, I can’t explain it, and I never thought for one second that she was going to pass away, or anything like that, something just hit me when I sat with her that gave me the strength to do it.

So a few months later after I had been not smoking for awhile, I called her and when no one answered I left a message. I said, “Hi, it’s Ann-Marie, and I’m calling for my “pat on the back,” and if you want to know what I mean you’ll have to call me back. It was a couple of days later, and when she asked why I needed a pat on the back. I said, “I have finally quit smoking, it was the easiest thing I ever did, now get of my back, Pat.” We had a good laugh over it, she told me she was proud of me, and it must have done the trick because here it is 2 years later and I’m not smoking. The last day I spent with her before she passed, we talked about how we both used to smoke and how wonderful it was when we were doing Home Demonstration Shows for Princess House. She said, “Remember, we would write up our orders, pack up our kit, carry it to the car, light up a cigarette, and count our money with a big smile on our face, as we drove home.” She was right, they were great times, we both loved our job and we loved doing the shows and the people we did the shows for, our recruits, our meetings and everything about it.

Princess House was only one of the job experiences I have had with sales in my lifetime. I have always held a sales job of some type, either as my full time job or in addition to my full time job. One of the very first things you learn when you are trained in sales is, “fake it til you make it.” Funny thing is, that is how we should all be living our lives. The Law of Attraction teaches us that we attract what we think about. Well, if you are doing the “ole fake it til you make it,” sales technique, you can’t lose. It becomes how you think about everything in your life, and when that happens… your life changes. It can’t NOT change, it has to, because you create your own reality by how you think about the world around you. In other words, you control your own destiny, your own happiness, your own failure or success. That may sound redundant but it’s not, it’s just the simplest way to look at life. You can only change yourself, and when you do, the world around you adjusts to change with you. It has to because you create the vibration and the world responds to your vibration. I’m sure this is not new information you are hearing but maybe it’s a new way for you to hear it, maybe what I am writing here, right now, will be the words that will catapult you into a new existence. This is the day to begin and if what I say here, helps you to do that, then I am truly blessed. I want nothing more than to make a difference in someone’s life, the way my Aunt Pat did for me. So let 2009 be the year that you choose to become who you have always wanted to be. The true you, and be SAFE AND HAPPY AS YOU DO IT. HAPPY NEW YEAR.

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