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Don Imus, the 77WABC Talk Radio Personality, spoke about the Frost Freedom Foundation during his show on December 12, 2008 through Friday December 19, 2008. Imus is aired nationally throughout the United States on over 60 radio and television stations. Together with the Imus Intrepid Fallen Hero's Foundation and the Frost Freedom Foundation WebHost Goldmine LLC is helping our soldiers come home and have the proper medical care as well as finding a profitable business for our men and women who have put their lives on hold for us and our families.

Would you find it in your hearts to take a moment and offer some support for these folks who really need your help today, when they come home to their families for the holidays?

We understand that owning a WebHost Goldmine business may not be for everyone. For some people who "need" this business it can be life saving especially when we have identified Five Target (people) Markets that can benefit from WebHost Goldmine and all of its offerings.

All information can be found at: www.FrostFreedomFoundation.org. If you find it in your heart to assist a less fortunate individual you will be rewarded with blessings that life really isn't all just about the money. We have sacrificed 100's of our family hours just to build a non-profit Foundation to give back to this beautiful business opportunity that has been very rewarding to many peoples lives in so many ways. 100% of your donations goes directly to helping a person get setup.

Our Mission

Our mission is to associate the needs of people with the education and training necessary to allow them to become self sufficient in their own work place.

We believe industry knowledge is not only essential to building the real power of Freedom, it is the Foundation. For this reason, education is our common ground. It solidifies all aspects of the Frost Freedom Foundation's work, from investments in people, education and training to self employment.

Globally people will unite and work together to enhance the economics of their localities. Investing in one's future today will insure a better tomorrow. "Give more in use value than you receive in cash value and you will make the world a better place by every business transaction", Wallace D. Wattles, 1910.

A Means to an End

The WebHost Goldmine Group and the Frost Freedom Foundation support those who really need this opportunity. We have a strict set of guidelines to insure that its recipients are those who have met the criteria to obtain a FREE LIFETIME WHG Membership into this rewarding business opportunity. Most foundations donate to charities who then issue funding for various purposes. Here at the Frost Freedom Foundation the donators know exactly where, what and to whom their monies are being used for. We have a clearly defined starting and ending point which allows the donators to actually track the progress of the Members whom they have personally sponsored. We understand that owning an internet business is not for everyone however this is a vehicle that allows a generous person to help those that are really in need of this service.

Whether WebHost Goldmine is right for you at this moment or not, there are others who could benefit greatly from all of the rewards and really need an opportunity such as ours. We are working with some really great and well known personalities to help raise awareness for FFF's cause. Your help with a donation and/or sharing this with others can really make a difference in the lives of these great people.

We recently replaced the EDC Diamond Group (www.edcdiamondgroup.com) with WebHost Goldmine LLC because WHG is all inclusive and the Frost Freedom Foundation wanted an internet company that offers a much less cost of business ownership and more value for your contributions. This move helped us assist many more deserving people. The Frost Freedom Foundation is always seeking to improve our services while staying current with todays economic factors.

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