Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Image via WikipediaIt seems to me that all the messages from the Universe to me today, are all saying the same thing. I listened to The DTAlpha Talkback today, where Stephen Pierce always gives me the right word, every time. In his talk today, he mentioned Napoleon Hill, and those that know me, know my feelings about Napoleon Hill. He was the most selfless human on the planet, but he knew exactly what he wanted out of life. Money was never his purpose, it was knowledge. He was not only willing to work many years for Dale Carnegie for no pay, he was obsessed doing it, and humbled when asked if he would. Really, how many people do you know like that? I have to say that only in the past year have I come into contact with people like that. People who do with no expectations. Expectation of knowledge is nothing like expectation of reward, money, glory, or fame. Knowledge is something we should all be burning inside for. Choosing to learn something new everyday should be our purpose in life.

I had an appointment at the Dentist today, I'm having some oral surgery done and while I was there I was reading a chapter of "A New Earth", this is what caught my eye "Instead of trying to be a mountain, teaches the ancient TAO Te Ching, "Be the Valley of the Universe." In this way, you are restored to wholeness and so, all things will come to you." Am I right or what, that is how Napoleon Hill thought. He knew that focus on his work was where his reward would come from. He did not live everyday trying to learn how to be rich, he spent everyday learning...and then, thank God, teaching others through his writing. I am blessed to have that knowledge and it got me through this day with a smile on my face. It certainly did not hurt my day when I got to my Dentist's office and everyone there was so sweet. They were just all so happy with their work. I mentioned that to the hygienist and she said, "yes, we are like one big family here." It really shows, and it becomes so infectious. How many times have you left your Dentist's office smiling and singing. I did today! What a great day!

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