Thursday, April 10, 2008

It's not who you are that holds you back, it's who you think you're not

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The Law of Attraction teaches that we are what we think about. Our thoughts become things. Ask, believe it will happen, and we will receive. Change our thoughts to change our mind. This list is endless

I spend a great deal of time protecting my thoughts from the perils of "unmanaged" information. I go to great lengths these days to be particularly aware of what information, noise, or action is taking place. I work at quieting my mind and staying on track with positive, knowledgeable thoughts. It is actually becoming habitual, and my focus does not have to be so acute, but the journey to get here was incredibly interesting. It involved watching the movie "The Secret" more times than I dare to mention, then writing every word of it, and finally watching many more times with the captions and the sound on. I applied every method of learning that I could to it. Somewhere along the way I recognized the idea that if we all tried to learn this way, illiteracy would vanish. We would have exceptionally higher numbers, of English as a second language, graduates. It would be much easier for people to develop other languages. We can apply this method to everything we choose to learn. It is by no means new, and I realize that, I just think that it is a lost tool and should be renovated for modern means and used to help develop languages in illiterate countries, and also here in the U.S. also. Teach people to read and learn whatever language they choose, by using all of the senses at each level. Again, not a breakthrough for humanity, the technology I know exists, it is just a matter of encouraging others to learn this way. Imagine...everyone could have a universal language, life as we know it would change in quite dramatic ways. But, of course, being so simplistic...why would it work? Funny thing is, that is exactly why it would work.

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