Monday, April 7, 2008


Remember life without a cell phone? Actually I don't, I'm much too young for that...Right!
We were watching a movie after dinner yesterday and some question came up. The kids and I (I really should stop calling them the kids, they are adults now)have this habit of trying to name the actors in the movie we are watching and what else the actor has been in. I never really noticed that we do this, but yesterday it was different...Usually someone runs to the computer and finds the answer...because we all have to be right (there is a lot of "EGO" going on here, in good fun) Well, this time my daughter reached for her cell and looked it up on there...she also found out what time the movie she and her boyfriend were going to started, without ever leaving her chair. I know to most that is no surprise, and it really was not to me either, but I recognized the habit. I was in the presence.

When you are aware of the issue, you are awakened, you are free from "ego" and in the presence. I like my presence to be with my children. There is a lot of love and joy there. The kind of joy you get when you see them for the first time, or they reach their first milestone, go to their first day of school, go on their first date, their first prom, the first day they leave home for college, the day they get married and then their first child, or my first grandchild. It is an endless circle of complete and utter joy. Ok...there are days when you wish they would just go out and experience one of those firsts and give you the peace you need, but in a very short time, you are wishing them back. That is why I love the holidays, birthdays and anytime we are all together. That is where my essence lives and my success, it is in that presence.

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