Tuesday, April 1, 2008


From Oprah’s mission statement 04-01-2008

"Without loving and caring for others, most of us stand little chance of
communing with God, no matter how many years we may spend in silent prayer."
Bo Lozoff

The average person may read this and think “Finally, I have found a way to make my dreams come true, all I have to do is help a few people and then GOD WILL ANSWER MY PRAYER” And then, when their dreams still don’t come true, the first thing they do is turn on God. Seriously, I know people just like this, they lament all the time about how much they do for others and then when they need something it’s not there. Hello…it says “loving and caring”, that is a continuous state of being. That does not mean when you took care of your neighbor’s dog while they went away…It means service for God. Doing for others should be a priority. Of course, you do for your family everyday, I know… we all do that, but that is a choice we make when we choose to have a family. Loving and caring for others is a lot broader than that, it is the essence of you. It becomes you, it is you, and it is just a thought in your mind that gets it going, that shifts your consciousness enough, to move in the direction of those IN NEED.

Loving and caring for others can come in many different ways, it can come by joining service with others to help others, it can come by giving a neighbor a break once a week when they need respite from the kids, the issues of their home life, or just because you love them. It should be innate in all of us, and it probably was, until our parents decided to interfere with nature, as did their parents. We are born without sin, with the essence of God himself, and we learned to shed that as the years went by, learning things the old way. It is time we teach our children the “new” way by setting an example. Set an example of loving and caring for others. Show our children that the true essence of God is in all of us and we should be standing up to the plate every chance we get.

If you want to see the true essence of God then you should visit this blog and join in service to help with this undertaking. Some of the most amazing Moms I have ever seen are part of this giant undertaking and they can use all the help they can get. They can use others blogging for Autism for the month of April, they can use new resources and people to spread the word. Whatever you have to offer, share it here or there, but share it, make a commitment to shift your consciousness for others and then sit and wait…. for the within to answer the call. Stop waiting for what God is going to reward you with, learn selflessness, learn humility and put them to work in the service of causes that need you. There is something for everyone to do in almost every experience we have. There are millions of people, some without homes, food, clothing, shelter and love…help them without expecting reward. You already have the reward, it is in your heart, be grateful for it every morning and every night, everyday.

Make a choice to watch it, read it or live it…but at least try it, and remember this:

Thoughts do become things.

There are no coincidences.
Miracles are all around us.
Ask, Believe and you will receive.
It all begins with baby steps.

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