Sunday, April 27, 2008


Color, positive picture (A) and negative (B), monochrome positive picture (C) and negative (D)Image via WikipediaThe Law of Attraction tells us that thoughts become things. All along I think I really only focused on the good things that I attracted. I put very little focus on the negative things because…thoughts become things, and focusing on negative things…I believed, would bring negative things. Funny thing though, they still show up. The only thing I can see to do about that is not react to the negative things at all. Forget they ever happened and put my focus back on only positive things. It’s like the “ego” you know when it is reacting because you have feelings that tell you that. Reacting to “ego” is like reacting to negative things, it just brings more of the same. Simple to say, but it takes work to live it, and we have a strong urge to just want to roam along with it. That comes in time, but it takes practice, like anything else you want to be good at.

I am so grateful for the days I have that take little effort. They are the ones with the fewest distractions and the most productive thoughts and ideas. They are filled with excitement and anticipation, those are the days I live for. I am grateful to have more days like that to look forward to.

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