Thursday, February 14, 2008


Although it is Valentines Day, and I have no special person, it is still a great day. Seeing so many that have the love of their life to share today with, gives me great joy. I am grateful for days like this, where others get the love they deserve. I get love everyday in so many ways and today is no diffferent.
I had a day full of those little miracles, the Law of Attraction is all around me. I spoke with my oldest son Tim, last night and he has been suffering with a sore throat for about a week now. We all went to dinner on Sunday and he sounded like the "Godfather". My daughter Elyse, kept making him repeat lines from the movie. It was fun. Anyway, I was watching tv and it turns out that Ellen DeGeneres lost her voice too. They sound so much alike, I had to call and tell him that. I also saw on the computer, that Matt Lauer lost his voice and was talking with hand signals on Jay Leno. Pretty funny stuff.
All through Ellen's show today there were little bits of pieces that were reminders to me to show that I am the "Power of the Universe".(just kidding) but The Law of Attraction is everywhere.
I have this little slip of the mouth that keeps showing up and I'm telling you it was on Ellen today. Don't believe ....just watch it...you can see her on your computer if you missed it on tv today. The Law of Attraction is everywhere.
Miracles do happen, Thoughts do become things, Ask, Believe and you will Receive, everything starts with baby steps.

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