Saturday, February 2, 2008


After yesterday (last night) I thought I would not find my way back. I was sitting there crying to God about how my life still doesn’t have what I need. But I also told him I was grateful for what I had, but I felt like there were people counting on me to do something BIG. And I felt because I had not gotten there, I had failed. Well, I remembered that “I took failure out of my dictionary.” Yup, just cut it right out! And I am back on track today having realized it is just not my time, I have more work to do.
Service is a crucial element in the journey to success. Learning to give before you ever think about getting. The thing is, I thought I was giving and servicing. I was following through with my intention to help one person everyday, even if it was just a matter of a little advice or something big like needing money or food or any kind of help. Truth is, that is still an excuse to not feel worthy of success. I do not mean that I should not be doing those things. I just mean by focusing only on that, I was not moving to what I determined to be my BURNING DESIRE. Oh, there were baby steps…I was taking those, but patience is never something I have been good at. So I need to do more work on developing patience. (That is a new intention)
I read an article this morning about an interview that Joe Vitaledid with Will Bowen and he asked him about his interview with Oprah. Bill said this:
“Between takes Oprah leaned over to me and said, ‘I have nothing to complain about’.
“At first I thought she meant she had nothing to complain about because she’s Oprah and life is good.
“But we talked and I learned that her life is so great because she doesn’t complain to begin with. She always focuses on what she wants. Her not complaining created the Oprah we see.”
When I read that article, I realized that “The Law of Attraction” was all over it and I thanked God that I know it exists and helped me to find that message.

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